Thursday, November 29, 2012

The best of: loving Katherine Quinn

Every Friday I write about a product or shop that I love. These are not sponsored posts and I don't receive anything for writing them (although I wouldn't say no, lol). I just am enjoying sharing the good things available...
Katherine's work always reminds me of my sister Sharyn who has been a long time fan.
You can't help but love the whimsical, slightly worried girls
who pepper Katherine's imaginary world.

This Christmas I have been buying prints for lots of presents,
because I think a new piece of art for the wall is a wonderful gift to give.
I brought one of Katherine's works for Chrissy and I know she's going to love it.
Perhaps if Chrissy does join the army, she might lend it to me (sob).

Here's what Katherine says about herself...
I live in Hawke’s Bay with my two children. I am a part time staff member with the Visual Arts Department of the Eastern Institute of Technology, where I studied as a student in the 1990’s. I work from my kitchen table at home in Taradale.

I like red, duck egg blue, pink and green, staying up late, collecting apple lollies, and I am also a paper addict. One day I want to write and illustrate a series of children’s books.

My recent works have focused on what I call my girls. My materials include paper, acrylic paint, chalk pastel, paint mediums, coloured pencil, thread, silk tissue, oil stick, and collaged bits and pieces.

I exhibit regularly throughout New Zealand and I've sold work here and overseas.

Her works are very reasonably priced, and being flat post well!
They are printed on really good quality paper
and really I think most people would be proud to have one on their wall
(you might have an eccentric uncle which wouldn't suit)
I love the colours and pattern's she uses, heck I want to dress like her girlies.
Anyway if you want one for a favourite sister, mother or aunt
here are all the details.....

Katherine's Felt shop here
Facebook page here
Blog here


  1. Love these posts Deb and I adore that last print! I just bought 2 prints from Erupt prints after your recommendation last week. You have great taste. See you tomorrow morning!

  2. I was just lying in bed this morning imagining the childrens book I have had an idea for for the last few years and thinking of the illustrations, now I absolutely MUST get Katherine! no one else will possibly do...:)
    She's awesome
    loved her work for ages now too

  3. Thanks Deb, you are so sweet. I feel honored to be featured on your blog... xxx

  4. Beautifully chosen pieces, Deb!
    SQUEEE!So excited you've signed up for #reverb12!
    See you tomoz.
    Kat x

  5. These ARE really beautiful Deb...even an eccentric old uncle would grow to love them I'm sure.


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