Thursday, November 15, 2012

The best of: Nzjo - Pen in Hand....

On Tuesday I sat down at my computer and did pretty much all my Christmas shopping
on the Felt website. It was great. There is so much fantastic stuff there.
I've mentioned before about Sweet William
who I have brought several prints from. I brought four more for gifts.

I brought prints from several different designers,
but I brought four prints from Jo. 
I absolutely love her style with the clean lines and the beautiful backgrounds.

Look at these amazing cards. They are just beautiful,
simple but intricate at the same time.
I brought two prints for Reuben so we will get to enjoy them.

I also love this with the touch of colour.
It's abstract but it's not.

I love this one. It's still available I think.
And they are very reasonably priced from $15NZ,
with a wee frame they will be fantastic presents or even art for your wall.

Here's the lovely Jo.....

You can find her here mostly on Facebook
the shop here on Felt
and her blog here.

The best of is a new feature I'm running on my blog on Fridays profiling products I personally love. I'm not sponsored to write these, it's my own opinion!


  1. Thanks for sharing this very clever artist. Maybe I should start my Christmas shopping there too. x

  2. These really are beautiful. I love all the talent out there that we can celebrate and buy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a nice article! I also love her work and plan to shop on Felt.

  4. What a nice article! I also love her work and plan to shop on Felt.


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