Friday, November 2, 2012

Thrifty finds

My exam went well, I think. At least it's done whew!
I'm shattered now. In my pjs on the sofa where I hope not to move off for a while.
I thought I'd share some pics of recent thrifty finds.
This wool jersey for $2. 

Some tiny zips for some wee purses.

A nice cake plate. You can't have too many.
Especially with a man like David who used one of mine 
for a paint roller tray the other day *rolls eyes.

This dear dear little bird last weekend at Matakana.
It's ages since I found a cute bird and I love this one. 50c

This really nice cup also from Matakana.
Sadly it cracked on the way home, but I'm using it till it breaks.

A t towel. All our t towels are thrifted now and they are so much better
than cheapy supermarket ones. Nothing like a linen t towel I think.
And ta-da! Here is the jersey from the top of the post with a make-over.
Annie wanted it to be pink but I was afraid it would turn out lolly pink
so I dyed it orange and pinned our collection of flower brooches on.
Annie wishes it was pink but she seems ok with it.
I really don't want an all pink wardrobe for her.


  1. That is a fantastic wee bird.

  2. I get all my towels from thrift stores too. Sometimes I find nice sheet sets as well. Everything used to be made so well as compared to the Made In China stuff now. And if people balk and think it is gross to buy thrifted towels and sheets I tell them that they have been by less people than hotels and therefore cleaner.

  3. I love the jumper transformation! I have a saucer that matches your yellow rose dish! The bird is so sweet and I love thrifted linen tea towels too! So much love in this post :)

  4. I love the little birdie! And I get all my t towels from the op shop too. The jumper looks ace after the makeover!

  5. Love what you've done with the top. Gorgeous. I'm keeping my eye out for little zips too. Great finds. Cx

  6. Great finds Deb!!!
    I saw a big bucket of zips at an oppy recently...I really need to go back I think and stock up!
    The jumper looks amazing! I love it..her whole outfit looks very cute.

  7. I am still in love with Annie's fashion sense. I also love what you did with the wool sweater, especially the flowers, so sweet.

    blessings, jill

  8. Awesome job with the sweater!!
    Today I bought a tiny vintage watch for £1, it wasnt working when I bought it, but it is now!

    ps. not sure if you got my email, but thanks for your help re my parents & NZ, they are mostly sorted now, only wish I was going!

  9. That jumper came up beautifully! Love the orange too :) I also have a hubby who is guilty over and over again of doing just that!

  10. Still loving the cuteness of that bird squee
    And that jumper did come up gorgeous xxx

  11. i love that cake plate! so pretty! :)


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