Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday Tutorial: Fabric Buckets from 1/4" Mark...

Every now and again you come across a new to you blog that makes your heart sing. Last week I came across Chase's blog and was inspired anew. When I saw this bucket, I knew I needed to make it for a couple of special people!
Picture from 1/4" Mark Blog
All the instructions are on the easy to follow tutorial. I started with a pile of largish scraps, leftovers etc that looked like they might marry together. I had vintage sheet for the lining and some stripes I thought I could use to make handles rather than buy the webbing.

Putting fabrics together is probably my favourite part of a project
although the more I do, the more I enjoy piecing.

I laid it out generally on my design wall floor
just to check I had enough scraps of the right sort of sizes.

I think that's the last of the bird fabric.
For a long time I collected bird fabric and made three quilts for three special girls
and since then the scraps have crept into many many projects!

Then I pressed all the scraps and put them in a bowl
so I could just pull them and sew without thinking too much.

I really like the happy coincidence with scraps. 
Like the owl's breast and the green that go so well together.
I absolutely love how this turned out.
Ok to be fair, I made a rubbish job of the free-motion quilting.
And I didn't use stiff enough interfacing so I had to fold down the top to make it stand up.

But I really really like it.
I also like that its so wonky I can't give it away
and so I get to keep it. 

I've already started two more for gifts. 
It's a fantastic project, I can see myself making these often.
Pop over to see Chase and get the full tutorial
and share some love while you are there.
I'm sure you need a couple for that Christmas to-do list,
or for a new baby, or a two-year old's blocks
or really 101 other uses.


  1. That looks great. I'm going to check it out. Love your fabrics and I'm delighted you made it wonky so you can keep it. Cx

  2. looks awesome Deb - I'd love to have the odd post on blogs you recommend too - you seem to find real treasures!

  3. I like it, although yours doesn't look too wonky to me!

  4. fabulous idea - I need something to put Mum's christmas present it - a needlepoint kit I'm putting together - this will be just right :-) thanks for sharing Deb.

  5. This is so great! I really think your large prints are work so well together and I do love how you folded your bucket inside out on the top! That's one of the variation I am working on. Thank you~ Chase

  6. I love it - am sooo making some in the next few weeks!

  7. SO awesome Deb! You have such a gift for colours and working your scraps!!


  8. What a great project and so clever to add a bit of wonkiness so you get to keep it!

  9. That's a fabulous gift...practical and colourful xx


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