Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thursday Tutorial: How to finish a Quilt Top

This week I thought I would share a simple tutorial for a whole cloth quilt, but the instructions would also work for finishing a top you have lying about but never quite knew what to do next!

For this quilt I used two metres of a cheater print I had lying about. A cheater print is a fabric printed to look like patchwork. But the exactly the same process is used for your pieced quilt top. I used a vintage sheet for the backing and some batting. You also need the usual sewing supplies.... a sewing machine, scissors, pins and a whole bunch of safety pins.

We laid the vintage sheet on the floor, right side facing the floor 
and placed the batting on top. Smooth it all down. 
Make sure the batting and backing are bigger than the quilt top.
Then lay the top on and pin it all over with safety pins. You need a lot of safety pins.

Then you need to quilt it. We sewed down between every second line of squares
but if you are using a quilt top, you can sew down the lines of patchwork.
This is the only slightly tricky part and a walking foot is really really helpful.
I tried it without it and it got lots of puckers. You can hand quilt down the lines too.
I love doing this, it makes for a relaxing way to work and a lovely soft quilt.

Then you need to trim off the backing and backing to the size of the top
and you are ready to bind the quilt.
I cut three inch strips of my binding fabric and fold them in half.
Sew them onto the side of the quilt to the front.
Fold the binding over to the back at each end and pin down like this.
To start the next side of the quilt, fold over a little of the binding to the back like this
and sew it down all the way to the end of the side.
Keep repeating this step till the quilt binding is sewn on.
At each corner pull the binding up like this.
Then fold all the binding over to the back like this and pin it down.
I like to hand sew my bindings down at this point. I really think its easier.
You can do it by machine, but I never ever have good success.

That's it. Chrissy was practising her skills and helping me out
and some of the lines are a bit wobbly. 
But actually once it's being snuggled under
you cannot tell!!

It's a great way to practice your skills before you quilt that precious quilt
but it's also exactly how you finish that precious quilt.

Annie was stoked to wake up this morning and find it on her bed
she came running out to tell me: "The Ballerina quilt is on my bed in the night"


  1. Love the fabric, perfect for a little girl. x

  2. Beautiful fabric!
    And I needed this post! My quilt top is now attached to the backing and batting.... but still sitting on the back of a chair! lol

  3. Thank you so much - I have wanted to make a quilt for a long time but couldn't get my head around how to finish the edges. Now I get it! Yay!

  4. Great quick-y finish. I bet it is so soft with that sheet for the back!


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