Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thursday Tutorial: Lazy Girl's Bunting

It feels like all I've been eating, sleeping, doing this week is making bunting.
Over 100 metres of it for the school fair on Saturday.
Recently I was chatting with some pals who were way better sewers than me
and discovered that they had never made bunting!
Now there are a lot of great tutorials on the net, but this is how I do it.
It's fast and easy and effective.
And it does not fray. It will fade to white over 12 months outside,
but it will last pretty for a summer and that's all you can ask really!

You can use whatever you want, 
but I tore a 10 inch strip off the bottom of a sheet and folded it in half and in half again.
Then I made cuts like so, making the wide part of the triangle 6 inches.
(yes the new blade on my cutter slipped, oops)

Then I got some ribbon, I paid $5 for 30 metres at Kutwells,
and I fold it in half, place my triangles in the fold and sew down.
That's really all there is to it.

I mean how easy could it be?? 
What are you waiting for!!

I may have mentioned before that I hang bunting for every occasion.
I feel like it signals to all "it's an occasion"! let's enjoy it.

Nothing like a bit of bunting to brighten a day.
Now if you need some vintage sheeting for your bunting,
pop over to my shop and buy yourself some!!

Or buy a kit here.
If you were looking for a tutorial for backed bunting, there's mine here.

This is what 100 metres of bunting looks like.
My back is crippled, but it's done :)


  1. 100 metres is impressive! Good work and so easy :D

  2. Go you! Love bunting - it always brightens a room, occasion, day, area xx

  3. Thats alot of bunting! it's going to look so affective :)
    I love bunting, theres bunting in the boys, lil misses rooms and also in my lounge! it definately brightens things up!
    Your poor back :(

  4. 100m! Wow! Good job. I never thought of using ribbon. I often buy a roll of it from the $2 shop for wrapping presents - next time I'm there I'll grab a few extras for bunting! Also, I'm intending to make some outdoor bunting using plastic $2 tablecloths. I'll post a DIY on my blog when I get it done!

  5. My parents had that faux patchwork sheet set on their bed for years and years and years. So strange to scroll through my reader and see it... bitter sweet really. Oh to be a child again running into their bed for a cuddle in the morning. Now children run into me... which is very sweet :)


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