Sunday, November 4, 2012

To market to market to buy a fat pig {or a basket of veges}

We are very fortunate to live near the local Steiner school
and each sunday there is a fresh food market by the school
with organics and locally grown products.

After being at home all week with Annie who had some dreadful flu bug
we decided to pop out for a bit of sunshine, a coffee and some good fresh veges.

I find it so inspiring to go to the market 
and look around and decided what to cook from there.

I love these big beautiful olives. I brought some for the platters we eat regularly.

This week on the menu: garlic mushrooms with toasted bread and butter
spinach and goats cheese quiche
roast leeks and roast beetroot
bok choy with stir fried veges.

It's so much easier to be inspired with good veges around.
And it was easier to be positive about the next week with a hot coffee in the sun.

We've had so much rain so the grounds have burst into life
so much greenery every where. All the kids at the market were enjoying rushing about.

Market spoils. One orange for Annie. She ate it too, funny child.

I made Annie a wee nibbling plate which she picked away at all the rest of the day.
Hurray for some decent dinners this week!


  1. it looks like it was a lovely market indeed! so inspiring! x

  2. Oh, the wonder of getting fresh fruit and vegetables! We are at the end of our growing season so our selection is limited. However, the pears are out and I am loving them.

  3. It is great that Annie likes her new jersey so much. Fantastic that she appreciates what you do.

  4. That's a lot of yum! But we don't do cucumber circles, it has to be sticks on the nibble plate! :)

  5. You do whatever it takes! I prefer flower cucumbers! :)

  6. mmm, i love volkano pickles. we've had the lurgy again too, you have our sympathy. annie looks gorgeous in her jersey, and she's getting so tall!

  7. Ooh, wow, what lovely pics. Definitely does look inspiring! I wonder if you could tell me what you do to your leeks when you roast them? I am interested!

  8. Thats neat that you have that nearby and dinner sounds yummy this there room for one more? lol
    Also Annie's looking great in the jumper

  9. That nibbling plate looks delish. My Lily was a browser when she was little too.
    Seems ages since I've left a comment on a blog. I must get back into it!

  10. I have that song stuck in my head now!!!


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