Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today at my house.... {a new feature on the blog}

[Because sometimes you just need to say it like it is at the start of the week]

The biscuit tin is full of cookies for lunches.

There's a pile of lovely quilts that all need to be bound,
preferably before Christmas.

There's been harsh words said by a teen,
and feelings have been hurt. It's so hard when you can't just put them in time out for five minutes
and all is well after a cuddle and a "I'm sorry".

There's a project (that's not mine to share) that's finally getting finished. 
Must learn to say no. Must learn to say no. Must....

There's a hint of Christmassy goodness with more to come.

There's beautiful fragrant flowers on the table from a sweet friend
and some cute flannelette from another sweet friend.

There's a small girl who is going to give her dummy to Santa,
but making the most of them in the mean time.

There's a giant basket of ironing mocking me in the corner.

What's up at your house?
Do tell. Feel free to take the button if you want to.
(I made it on picmonkey, new favourite place to play)


  1. awesome stuff! Glad its not just my washing sitting in the lounge corner.

  2. hope the harsh words are soon sorted xxx the quilts look AMAZING!

  3. Oh I have a little person who is enjoying her dummy before Santa will take it very soon too! I also have a pile of washing to tend to... ho hum. Cooking and crafting is much more appealing ;-)

  4. Perhaps my eyes are getting a bit old, maybe they're tired... but as I quickly scrolled down that basket of laundry that mocks you so looked like a hydrangea!!!
    Life really is all about perspective isn't it?

  5. Oh i can smell those flowers from here! Bless wee annie, so generous of her to give her wee dummy to father christmas, i bet not many kids think of giving him something ;-) x

  6. Yay for picmonkey - I love it!

    Great idea - maybe I'll play along..

    Those sweet peas are heavenly. I saw the exact same kind in a bunch at someone's house last night. I was mesmerized! They were my Mum's fav flowers actually, but I am DEFO going to try and grow that colour..

    Great snapshots.

  7. It is my day off so it is the usual stuff. Changing the beds, bathroom, dusting, laundry... I just may take a nap in a bit.


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