Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: The Mama Uniform

This is pretty much what I wear every day.
A t-shirt, some leggings and a home-made skirt 
usually made from a vintage dress cut down
(nana's must have smaller bosoms than me lol).

I've worn this t-shirt since I was pregnant with Reuben (he's 10)
and it's my absolute favourite. It has a wee hole in the front but I keep wearing it anyhow.
I wish I could find some more the same.
Don't you hate it when you can't buy more of something favourite?

The necklace I liberated from Chrissy (she left it on her bedroom floor)
and the shoes are lovely new ones which are just so comfy to wear.

If you run into me in the supermarket, or playcentre
or in the street, pretty much this is what you will see.
In the winter with boots and in the summer with sandals.

Do you have a mummy uniform??
This week I will join in with Miriam at Wardrobe wednesday!


  1. love your mummy uniform Deb!
    I am a bit the same, couple of skirts, leggings and fave tees.

  2. Jeans and a tshirt or leggings and a tunic. Summer wardrobe has yet to be developed! If you love the tshirt take a pattern from it and make some more! It's surprisingly easy and there are lots of great tutorials online to show you. Then you can have as many as you want for really cheap!

  3. You look great - I love that your mama uniform is still styly and individual. And the perfect t-shirt is a wonderful thing to stumble on. Next time you need to buy a few and put them aside! :o)

  4. You look great!

    I just wear whatever I happen to find at the thrift store. Today I have on brown pants and a olive green sweater set. *ho hum*

  5. Love your ensemble and that your skirts are thrifted dresses...I too have the mummy uniform, it's a good name for it! mine are dresses/tunics and leggings with boots or sandals :)

  6. I love your clothing style and I love skirts and leggings put together.
    Anne xx

  7. I have a demin habit that I'm trying to break so no real uniform for me these days. Love those shoes and your skirt!

  8. LOVING the Mummy uniform
    LOVING the Nana dress :)
    And if you look through the window I LOVE that you can see Juliet doing the dishes xxx

  9. Love your outfit, easy, practical and comfortable but still styling it. I am usually in jeans or leggings with tunic or t-shirt. Anything that is easy and comfortable and doesn't need an iron. x

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  11. Love the comfy uniform! Mine is tshirt and jeans :) and that necklace is great - love it xx

  12. Yes I do have a mummy uniform and it's nearly the same as yours! I do frocks every couple of days.. mainly nana dresses!

    And I wish I could buy 10 of my fav tee too, that I got when preg with MY nearly 10 year old! I'm like that with ny comfiest bras too - wish I knew they were so good at the time of buying - but you have to wear them once or twice to work it out!!

  13. This is cute Deb! Now I want to go and sew up a few cute skirts for the same Mummy uniform for me!

  14. My mummy uniform it jeans and a top... Really been trying to get out of that lately....

    Just stumbled on your blog from Miriam;)
    I'm also in Chch


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