Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: My favourite dress {and thoughts on dieting}

This is my absolute favourite dress.
My sister Sharyn introduced me to Leona Ruby Dresses,
which I'm happy to say I can buy online. But this is my first purchase and I love it.

Worn with the usual shoes, the usual leggings and the usual cardy,
but somehow makes me feel good about myself that day.

Talking about feeling good, this year I decided it would be the year of no-diets.
It's the first year since I was a teen that I haven't been on some sort of diet.
When ever I see someone who looks amazing,
the little voice in my head says, you are the same as them only bigger.

It's been really liberating actually. It means I don't think about food 24/7.
It means I eat when I want to. It's true I may have gained a few pounds,
I don't know, the scales fortuitously broke at the beginning of the year,
but actually I'm learning to love my body the way it is.

I'm not saying I'll never diet again, but for now I'm choosing not to.
I'm choosing to learn to eat when I'm hungry,
and to say no if I'm not.

I'm learning to dress the way I want to and not wait till some mythical day when I'm slim.
I probably will never be "slim" until I'm partially decomposed, but I'd like to be healthy.
I may have mentioned here that I have dodgy hips. 
I've had one replaced and the other is not happy.
I need to find a way to exercise that doesn't compromise being able to walk!
I'm learning that I'm the same as you, only bigger.
It's been a great year, especially with a beautiful dress to wear that fits now!


  1. I love this. This post is one of the reasons you are in my hero list.

    So much nicer than hearing people moan on about their weight.
    ( I get that enough from my inner monologue).

    Love you.

  2. Great dress! Its an awesome colour on you :D And go you for being healthy and happy!

  3. You not just the same you are even better!!!! Love these colours on you. Make sure to link in too lovely lady xx

  4. Beautiful dress Deb and you are quite beautiful...great attitude!

  5. oh Deb - you are fabulous and look beautiful in your new dress. I love your style! Here's the thing - I've put on 15 kilos in the last 6 years - so many of my favourite clothes don't fit anymore and there are many days I look in the mirror or at photos of me and think "oh my god! is that really how I look!" because it just isn't how I feel. Some days I think, oh well, this is where I am now and that's okay but most days I look at every bit of food I put in my mouth and through my head rushes thoughts of "hmmm, carbs? turning into fat? too much sugar? should I have protein instead? am I really hungry? should I have nothing at all? how about a glass of water?" and it goes on. And you are so right - it's bloody awful and spoils so many simple pleasurable moments in life. And has it done me any good - no! Now I know if I worked really hard at it, it probably would start to work, but there are so many other important and wonderful things out there to think about at this moment. With an already very thin teenage daughter in my house I do not want to be counting calories and banning homemade-not perfect but traditional and lovely foods from my kitchen. Yes I do want to be healthy as I age but there has to be a better way of doing it then the daily obsess over food. You've completely inspired me this morning Deb - completely!!! I'm starting the Deb approach to life today!

  6. I love the dress Debs, you look great in it. about 5 years ago my sister told me I was punishing myself cos I had put on weight after kids. She made me go and get some nice clothes. What a revelation!! No weight loss and yet I felt better about myself because I wore stuff I looked good in rather than the sack T shirt and old track pants. Well done you

  7. that is the coolest inner voice ever!

  8. I hate thinking about food all the time! And feeling guilty...your approach to this year sounds very liberating! It sucks that I still need to loose some for health reasons...I guess I just need to work on my moderation.
    Your dress looks beautiful, love the colours x

  9. Deb, you do rock....having nursed a child through an eating disorder I gained every one of the 20 kilos she had to gain. She is now a happy healthy recovered girl and I am still heavier than I ever was in my life, my body bears the scars of her illness. But I am happier than I have ever been because I am loved by those who really know me, who don't judge me by my clothing size. I started sewing my own clothes so I could look awesome at any size, I had fun with colours and fabric and it didn't matter that I was not model thin. Life is settling down at the moment and my body will find it's own natural level, food is my friend.....
    To anyone who reads this be warned DIETS LEAD TO MENTAL is the gateway to depression and has been scientifically proven to shrink your brain and make you obssess about food.
    DITCH THE DIET, eat properly, eat fresh, move around a little .......lecture over.....nothing more to see....:-)

  10. You look lovely in that dress...amazing how a small change can make you feel so good.

    And I love your no diet approach, its refreshing...I'm also on a no diet..however I am making gradual changes to what food I purchase..its more about the quality for me than its fat content...I couldn't give a stuff about that :)

  11. You look wonderful in that dress. You sure are a gorgeous lady... and now a free and gorgeous lady too. YAY for you. YAY for using your mind and energy to think about other things. Love it.
    You've inspired me. I love your self talk... I'm going to try real real hard to follow your lead.
    THANK YOU!!!

  12. Go you! You look great and that dress is gorgeous! xx

  13. Deb
    I love you and I love your approach to life
    Having been told this morning by Miss 4 that I am not a sexy lady (they were listening to gangman style song) because I'm not skinny ;'( reading this post is perfect timing. My heart is breaking for me for my daughter and how I need to unteach her at 4 what she has already learnt/picked up.
    I've had an eating disorder and its a horrible horrible thing to struggle with body image . . . .
    Your dress is beautiful but your inner beauty and wisdom radiates out more so xxx and to me inner beauty and confidence makes a 'sexy lady'
    Big loves xxx

  14. Love the dress. The colors are beautiful and you look beautiful in it. Good for you Deb. I'm proud of you. I plan on doing the same thing. Just be happy with myself and quit comparing myself to others. Thanks for the boost.

  15. You look great Deb and I am loving your attitude, so proud to have you as a friend!
    When I was young I watched my Mum punish herself with diets and it made me never want to do that to myself. I refuse to count calories and am quite proud that I don't know a thing about how to do it!
    In general my weight has remained fairly standard over the years and has only gone up or down when I have gone through periods of more or less exercise (or pregnancy!).
    Would I like to be slimmer- yes, but am I going to punish myself to do it?- no! (Life's too short!)

  16. OH MY GOODNESS, this is such a freeing post to read. Truly truly. I came here via Widge who said you had written something great and she was right. I love that line... Im just the same as them, only bigger. And I am in love with your style, my heart is bursting with pride over you and I don't even know you. (although im thinking i might follow you an instagram) lol
    Weza xxx

  17. What a beautiful way to think, good on you! I am working on moving around a bit more and trying to eat healthier, not to get smaller per se, but so I can be the healthiest I can be - inside and out. Diets don't help either of those in the long run!!

  18. This post is a breath of fresh air. Nice to meet you-- it's he first post I've read. Write on!

  19. You are a STRONG woman in your new dress. Congratulations!!!!
    Hugs Baukje

  20. Hey lovely - I'm linking this post into my wardrobe weds musings tomorrow because I love it. Hope to see you over there xx


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