Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: The Nana Dress

It's great joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday.
It means you don't just throw on the exact same pair of jeans and tshirt every day!!
Now I have a confession to make: I love a good Nana dress!
They are easy to find at the opshop and they often fit.
(Nana is obviously shaped a bit like me)
They are usually made from some sort of plastic polyester
that doesn't need ironing which is a real win!

To be honest I often wear this with a narrow belt,
but it looks fine like it is too.

Random colours and patterns seem to be a feature of a good Nana dress,
which once again is a bonus!

Joining up with the good folks here....

(I'll try and remember to actually join up this time)


  1. Love the colours in this 'Go nana!!' Thanks for joining us :o)

  2. I love a gal who embraces her inner nana. As I said to my hipster daughter, one can get away with anything as long as one wears it in an ironic fashion......hehehe.

  3. Deb, I think you're so cool and cute! Love your Nana dress - and your comment that 'Nana must be shaped a bit like me!' Great dress, great look. x

  4. Great colours, Nana knows a thing or two about cool patterns! You look great, love that you've made it modern by wearing over leggings.

  5. Love the colours! And no iron? Bonus!

  6. Love the little white buttons! Had a look around the rest of your blog too and love your work! I see a few fabrics I recognise too! Holly x

  7. Love it. My nana never wore leggings, so to me they immediately more modern! As another woman shaped like nana, I approve!

  8. Always nice to find a fellow nana-frock wearer x


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