Monday, November 12, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: The Uniform {2}

Ok I did mention last week that I have a uniform!
Sounds like lots of you do too. It's just an easy way to dress without thinking!!
What I mean is a look that I just pull out and wear all the time.
I used to wear jeans and a white or black tshirt and a cardy
but I got sick of wearing jeans. There's nothing wrong with them,
I'm just bored with wearing them!

Once again, my favourite black tshirt and Chrissy's necklace which I love.
Also another Glassons cardy. This one is a nice warm colour
not to bright and not too pale, just right.

Add a home-made skirt and I'm sorted!

And of course my favourite shoes this summer!
Joining up with Miriam here.


  1. just been reading through your posts, you have such a lovely writing style Deb, I always feel really uplifted reading your blog (great outfit too!)

  2. Love the lemony look makes it so spring like. You look great

  3. I love your outfit style. I have always wanted to sew skirts but I don't wear many. I think I need to get myself some leggings and then go for the skirts I have always wanted to sew!!! Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Great outfit and glassons cardi's rock!

  5. You look so pretty! I need to get out of my jeans rut!

    Lovely! Love your necklace too.


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