Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Picnic Basket

Occasionally I get organised and at the beginning of summer
put together a basket with a quilt, some plates, cups and cutlery,
some wet wipes and sunscreen and put it by the door.
Then when the weather is right and we are in the mood,
we can add some snacks and water and go to the beach or the park for dinner.

My sister Jo got married last year and this year has a brand new baby,
so I decided to make their sweet family a summer basket.
I started this months ago. I made the picnic rug from vintage sheets
{confession I just finished sewing the binding down before Christmas}

I kept my eye open at the oppies for a basket and found this one.
I love it so much. I had to fight the impulse to keep it!

I found four large duraware plates at the Sally army.
I couldn't find cups so I brought some from the Warehouse.
I found the plastic cutlery in my friend's re-home box when she was packing her house.

It all fits into the basket perfectly with a bit of room for any extra's Jo wants to add.

I love these plates, they wear so well. We have some too and have used them for years.

I really hope that Jo and Tahu love this as much as we do.
It's just so nice to be able to be spontaneous,
but sometimes you have to plan ahead a little bit when you have a baby. 

I hope this summer basket goes with them on many picnics and outings
in the years ahead. I hope their children grow up with this picnic rug
and when they see it as adults, remember many happy afternoons lolling about in the sun.

Maybe with their big cousins!

I love that these sheets have already had useful lives with their previous owners,
and now are about to embark on a whole other lifetime of fun in Jo's picnic rug.

By the way, if you want to make one of these quilts,
my Everyday Quilt Pattern is available in the Shop.


  1. That is a simple but clever idea. I'm going to use it. would have been handy on Christmas Day when we decided we wanted to go to the beach to escape the heat at home BUT we had to gather everything together...

  2. Fantastic present! It's lovely to know gifting something like this will mean lots of happy memories in years to come! - Made all the better by the fact you made it too!!

  3. Gift giving is about the thoughts behind the gift that really count in my mind. We could all just go out and buy something and call it a gift, but it's not really. A true gift is a small piece of yourself, a vulnerability, ( will they like it as much as I do?) an expression of love........and you have shown all that in this and many other my dear are a true gift giver. :-)

  4. Such a lovely thoughtful gift x

  5. I LOVE the vintage sheet quilt - it's really peaceful. I've thoroughly enjoyed ten minutes browsing your blog this morning and feel quite sad about the lovely but "wobbly" NZ city.


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