Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas does not have to be Pinterest Perfect {thank goodness}

For example a red angel might hang from your pink and silver tree.
Your two Christmas cards are taped to the wall
because let's face it, two cards would look funny on a string wouldn't they
plus then you would have extra guilt from the whole I-didn't-send-any-cards thing.
(edited: actually from today we have five Christmas cards)

And then there are the Christmas crafts, which you might be too tired to do.
But then you remember a Pinterest recipe for Marshmallow fondant
which is completely fail free and so you make it for the children.
It will be lovely to have some wee figures for the Christmas cake {must make that}

But one child insists on adding extra water,
and that lot goes to feed the chickens

and the other child adds more icing sugar 
and it turns to crumbs. The chickens are on a sugar high.

By the third lump they lost interest. But really they had a great time,
even if they didn't make anything I could possibly conceive of
decorating the Christmas cake {i haven't made yet} with!
I think I'll buy a cake from Baker's Delight. Their's are delicious.

What's the price of an afternoon of quiet activity??
a packet of marshmallows, a bag of icing sugar and some cleaning up skills.
Way cheaper than the movies!

Look at these two, so industrious.

Sometimes we just have to let go of our expectations
and go with what we have (right now a royal mess haha)

luckily my Pinterest inspired wrapping paper does look amazing!


  1. A good and timely reminder - authenticity is the new pinterest!.....lucky chooks!

  2. Your wrapping paper IS gorgeous. I like this post, it made me smile.

  3. Hehe.....I long gave up on a perfect looking Christmas! But in letting the kids chose how they want to celebrate and decorate Christmas we have a pretty perfect Christmas!

  4. Bah humbug to pinterest perfect! Your decorations have character and beauty- FAR better than coordinated perfection!

  5. Love that paper, and a messy kitchen with happy kids. See you tomorrow x

  6. I love the cards taped to the wall! How can you go wrong with pretty washi tape.
    We only have one card (thanks to a very thoughtful friend who sent it all the way to the USA for us) so not sure where we'll put that lol.
    This year I have let all my expectations go and am just enjoying the moment. Enjoying another cultures celebration with loads of decorated houses, Christian music playing in the supermarket and it's seems so relaxed here. I'm just going to breathe it all in and enjoy.

  7. So true! I have had to let go of my expectations for perfect and even our advent calender we had had a few days of nothing and at the end of the day- its okay!

  8. That marshmallow fondant didn't work for us at all. Fail proof...yeah right.

  9. Christmas is but one day, it has a lot of high expectations heaped on it by retailers and their push to buy things and stuff. I love the excitement of young children as it is a magical time for them, but they find magic in a cardboard box and sugar it seems! I love the break people take after Christmas as they rediscover family time, and I love the time I can sit and take stock of the year I have had and be thankful we are still together and have made new friends, real and virtual along the way......if you are still reading this essay.....take this as your virtual Christmas card for you and your family and bless those chooks!

  10. I think most of us realise that Christmas is all about family and not about the perfectly decorated tree and house. Love the wrapping on your gifts and your angel looks perfect on the tree. Sometimes the fun the kids get out of doing something is much more important than the end result. xx

  11. the chickens are on a sugar high - I am still laughing!!!

  12. You have found the secret to a perfect Christmas!!! Merry Christmas from across the world!

  13. Seems to me you are having the perfect Christmas for you and your family :). Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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