Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things...

Last Sunday we went to Daylesford.
I had seen photos on Kate's blog and Instagram,
but it even so, going there was a delight. It is a truly sweet township with a nice vibe.
It made me want to stay a while, sleep the night
and wake up and wander somewhere for breakfast. {adds to bucket list}

I had hoped to catch up with Kate, (I had made something for her)
and we had messaged each other, but the mysteries of David's NZ Phone which wouldn't let us text
and my Melbourne SIM which wouldn't get reception, meant that we missed each other.

It's ok though, because at the Cafe where we had coffee,
there was a newspaper clipping about Bren and so I asked them if they would hold it for her
and they did. Gotta love small towns. I'm sure we will meet next time.

I loved the fact that I walked on streets that Kate walks on,
and wandered markets where she has been. 
I tried to explain to my family that Kate is my friend,
but I don't think they understood. How can someone who you haven't met be a friend??

It got me thinking about friendship.
The internet means that we can make connections with people who don't live near us,
it means that we can share thoughts and inspirations together,
it means we can support and cheer for each other.

I'm not a person who finds it easy to say what I want at the time,
the internet is a gift in that you can think how you respond
and leave a comment later.

It's true it's a bit of a jump from reading and commenting on a blog to friendship
but I think friendship is about taking that jump,
about investing some of yourself in the other person.
I have several friendships that have crossed from just blog reading to real-life friends,
it's a wonderful thing. You already have a basis of shared interest and knowledge
and somehow when you meet the person it's so easy.

Last night the Christchurch bloggers who wanted to do secret santa
met at my place for supper and to swap our parcels.
In Christchurch we have crossed the line from being bloggers to being friends.
These are people with whom my path would not have crossed apart from the internet
but they are special special people in my life. (I'll post more about last night later)

In a world that finds folks feeling increasingly isolated,
I think it it fantastic to be able to develop friendships across time and space
with others who feel the same. We might not have met yet, but we will.

Also it is so easy to look at someone else and think their live is better/more fun/fancier
than our own, but really every person has their own battle to contend with. As Winnie the Pooh says...

“Just because an animal is large, 
it doesn't mean he doesn't want kindness; 
however big Tigger seems to be, remember that he wants as much kindness as Roo.” 


  1. LOVE this post xxx
    Especially love the last 3 paragraphs
    I cried reading them

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry and safe Christmas xxx

  2. You are quite right - internet friends can turn into real life friends :) I have some very good friends who I've met through the internet and friends who I haven't met yet who I still class as friends.

  3. love the post. have to say though that you must be very organised at the moment. ,y computer says you posted this at 7.30am. I was struggling to wake up still!!!

  4. AA Milne genius!
    Here's to more friendships and unlimited kindness especially to all the Tiggers out there......I am off to read Pooh bear again, my favourite character is Eeyore.....he reminds me of me at times....

  5. Lovely post. One of my very best friends lives a long way from me and we have never actually met, only on the internet. Love her to bits and one day we will meet. I think these friendships are so good because we meet through shared interests and go on from there. xx

  6. Oh, I sooo wanted to be with you all last night and felt dismayed that there was an important hospital function that I needed to attend on the same night. Hope you all had a wonderful time.

  7. Blogger friends are the best! The internet is a wonderful way to communicate in ways we never have before and mostly it's fabulous. I got to meet a blogger friend in England and go hiking with her while visiting that beautiful country earlier this year. It was the most wonderful time ever.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
    Anne xx

  8. What a lovely post Deb. I think that community and a sense of belonging is an essential part of wellbeing.
    Blogging is a lovely way to connect with people all over the world with common interests and it has been a bit of a lifesaver for me at times.
    I can't wait to read about your Secret Santa meet up!
    Jo x

  9. Oh so true! I was just tonight thinking about how making friends has changed so much since I found the world of blogging. And even those blogging friends I have met continue to grow through the Internet. I have been so blessed.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

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  11. Yeah I agree - I have at least one person who I know it will be wonderful to met some day, yet I really enjoy the online friendship we have. The photos are lovely - and funny how there are no people in them. Like its just you walking around Kate's town - I guess you planned it that way, but poignant all the same!


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