Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to make a 10 year old's day: have a hobbit dinner

Last week it was the World Premier of the first Hobbit movie here in New Zealand.
We were having a difficult week one way or another,
so I decided to surprise Reuben with a hobbit dinner.

I got 1/2 a metre of fake grass for the centre of the table and asked Twitter
what hobbits eat. Turns out they are not fussy,
so we told Roo that Hobbits like Stirfry noodles.

They drink ale, so we did too (iced tea)
Reuben was so so happy. His little face lit up when he came home from school
and saw it all set up and realised what it was.

We ate out of enamel plates and drank from glass bottles.

It was half an hour of happiness for the boy
who was feeling sad about a few things.

It cost me $10 for the grass which I'm sure I can re-use
and the rest of the things I pulled together from what we have.

It was truly awesome to be able to so easily make him forget his worries
and for all of us to enjoy a lovely simple dinner together.


  1. I adored this set of instagram photos.... you are amazing Deb. What a wonderful Mum you are. I laughed out loud at the stirfry noodles! (like, actually out loud)
    Can't wait to see you and glean some of your creativity!!!!

  2. that looks wonderful, what fun!

  3. You my dear Deb are such a wonderful Mumma - that's it, all I can say - your way is just so lovley.

  4. So, so lovely, Deb. I want to be this kind of Mama. x

  5. yeah you are awesome and inspiring. love you girl

  6. Just wanted I needed to read! Thankyou for your always inspiring posts.....enjoy your holiday :)


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