Monday, December 3, 2012

How to put together a story telling basket for young children....

Part of developing pre-reading skills is learning to develop skills for story telling.
To be able to tell a story in their own words,
to be able to interact with the story,
to be able to sequence a story in the right order are all important pre-reading skills.
I found some lovely soft toys on Felt which was the starting point of the basket,
but really if you can't get these, a doll and some teddies would be great too.
I just thought a soft toy is a good way to start connecting with the story.

I've been putting together a few story bags lately around well known fairy tales
for the children at playcentre and for Annie to interact with.
My aim is to have at least three ways for the children to tell the story.

Their favourite seems to be the magnetic story pieces
(at home I use an old tray for the magnetic board)
you can either photocopy pictures and laminate them and make your own
or I brought these very reasonably priced on Trademe.

I try and a have at least two different copies of the book
which is easy because the opshops are bursting with copies of fairy tales.

I put in some kind of related activity.
This might take a bit of hunting and creativity.
For example I found an old jenga building game to put in the Three Little Pigs story
and the boys enjoyed building a house over and over!

A memory game (I found CareBears at the school fair)
or a related domino game is good too.
I found a book with lots of fairy tales and photocopied the relevant pictures
for the three bears to make some cards for putting the story in sequence.
Here you can have interesting conversations about "what comes next?"
You don't have to use a fairy tale, 
for Christmas Annie is getting a story book (Rabbit's bad Mood)
and two soft toys matching the characters in the book.

I have really noticed the children engaging with the story,
especially boys who might not sit quietly and listen
but are loving telling a well known story!

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  1. Love it!! And the magnetic stuff is awesome :D

  2. Deb I absolutely adore this. Please would you link it in to my BMWB post today. I am SO inspired!!

  3. Love it and such a fantastic idea xx

  4. very very cool! i love letting claud tell the stories from her books sometime, just using the pictures as a guide. they're usually much more entertaining than the real story and very much lead by the characters facial expressions. i'm keen as to have a go at this. just trying to think which of clauds fave stories would be doable... very inspiring x

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