Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mr and Mrs Brown 12.12.12 12:12

I just sorted through the six hundred photos we took in Melbourne
(that doesn't count the ones on our iphones!) to find some to share here.
It was a wedding handmade with love,
with a thousand little details. Amazing.

They thought of and made every little thing 
(possibly with a little help from their good friend Pinterest!!)
Jeremy made these lovely wooden boards for serving the food.

There were hearts and vintage details aplenty.
So so cute. They had hunted down items for months.

And what they couldn't find, they made. It really was incredible.

The day dawned scorching hot but they were cool and calm!
(unlike us Christchurch folk who were sweating feeling the heat)
It's hard to believe my little brother has grown up and got married.

We are so lucky, Eva is the nicest person you could meet
and she loves my brother! perfect.

Here's the happy couple... Mr and Mrs Brown!
So cute they are together.

Here's my sister Sharyn who wrote and sang a song that made my eyes leak.

Absolutely delicious cake which vanished in seconds it was that good,
or maybe they hid it for later. Either way it was amazing.

Here's the coolest family ever. All colour co-ordinated and delicious.
Look at Knox's teeny hat. Almost worth having another baby for.

I felt rather foolish handing over a quilt in 30C degree heat, 
but oh well, apparently it does get cold in Melbourne.
(The light was so bright this pic came out almost white, have tweaked it)
Sadly the tiny window of opportunity to take a picture of the six of us looking tidy at one time
passed without a picture being taken,
but we did all scrub up ok on the day, heat not withstanding!!
A great day had by all.
 Congratulations Jeremy and Eva xxx


  1. Looks great! I love a good family wedding! I know a few people who got married on that date. We were going to do 9.9.99 but decided 9.1.1999 would have to do as it just made sense in the school hols! (both teachers!)

    I wish pinterest had been around when we got married - picking the brains of millions of creative people all over the world!! So good.

    Your bro and SIL very talented - and that cake!! *drool**

  2. what a beautiful wedding! :) (and the quilt you made is gorgeous!)

  3. Looks like a beautiful day filled with love!

  4. What a creative and gorgeous family. This is beyond dreamy....the bride and groom stunning. I love love.

  5. they look gorgeous and I LOVE those bridesmaids dresses....

  6. Gorgeous all round - what a special occasion x


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