Monday, December 31, 2012

Sometimes the best thing to do is run away to the beach for half an hour and....

feel the wind in your hair!

And the sunshine on your tummy!

Squish the warm sand between your toes!

And build a castle in the sand.

Gradually your cares will melt away for a time.

Ignore the weird expression on my face,
we really did enjoy the beach!!


  1. ha ha I love that last comment! Beautiful post. Happy new Year!

  2. I miss the beach so much. Happy New Year to you all. xxx

  3. Hey I know that beach! Happy New Year Deb.

  4. what great summer pics. your the first blog im following for 2013!! im going to sit back and check you out....not in a creepy way!
    Allison x

  5. I always have a weird expression on my face!


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