Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Best of: The Make Cafe

Every week I write about a product or shop that I love. These are not sponsored posts and I don't receive anything for writing them (although I wouldn't say no, lol). I just am enjoying sharing the good things available...
There's a new cafe in Christchurch called "The Make Cafe"
Recently I went with some other bloggers for a coffee and a chat 
(more about that another time *wink)

It is a lovely lovely space, the dream baby of the very lovely Kirsty and Justin.
Honestly it could not be better. It's spacious and airy with loads of interesting things to look at.
Kirsty and Justin have hand-picked their staff
who know what they are talking about.
Sometime when I have some simple piecing to do and I need a break from home
I'm going to hire a machine for an hour or two and work away at it.
It just seems like the loveliest thing to be able to do.

There were loads of delicious fabrics there
and I may have accidentally brought one home with me.

There's my good friend Juliet serving a customer,
it wouldn't matter if you were a beginner or an expert Juliet would be kind and gracious
and I'm sure the other staff would too.

There is some extremely lovely food and good coffee 
and another room with tables and chairs for a quiet sit down.

I think they thought of everything. It's fantastic.

There is lots of different seating dotted about and books for browsing too.
Just what you need really when you retreat for some time out.

I really like how cafe's in Christchurch are using these teaspoons.
It's just the little touches that make it seem personal.

You can't help but feel inspired when you come,
I personally can't wait to go back again sometime (preferably with a basket of pieces to sew)

The Make Cafe is open Monday-Saturday.
All the details on their website.


  1. I think it's probably a good thing that cafe isn't in my town! - I'd be there all the time! It makes me want to plan a trip there now!

  2. ^^ me too Louana! If that blogger conference ever happens, I *may* ending up spending the whole weekend here :-) It looks amazing

  3. awesome idea! I wish i were close enough too. Do they have the Go Baby fabric cutter thing. I would really love to rent that by the hour and cut up all my scraps into a few shapes (apple core and tumbler mainly!)

  4. This looks amazing. I'm hoping to be in Chch for a night or two mid next year. Maybe I should arrange to meet you and Nin, and some other ladies here!! Would be very lovely!

  5. Deb I love how your photos weave a story x


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