Thursday, December 6, 2012

This too will pass...

I can't remember when it was, but I started seeing posts from the Message Project  It's a great idea. Apparently 12 bloggers were asked to write posts. Now I'm not one of them, but it made me think. What message to I have? What would I say? This is my message...

The thing about getting older is that you know, eventually things will get better. No matter how difficult or how bad things are right now. Eventually the wheel turns and things change, even things you think will never change. This too will pass is about having hope and keeping it in your heart.

It would be fair to say I've had my fair share of difficult times, even in the last two years. I've lived through a lot of earthquakes: I've sat with hysterical children on the grass for hours and promised them someone would come for them. I've dug my car out of liquifaction and carried my Mother in Law down her drive. I've held my children who saw too much. I've watched my child thrown across the deck in an aftershock; I've done my washing by hand in the baby bath for weeks and used a hole in the garden as a toilet. I've watched and am watching my city slowed disappear on the backs of trucks to the dump. I drive anywhere through endless roadworks and detours.
This too will pass.

I've held my child and encouraged them to just breathe. I've kept that dam smile on my face and {more importantly} in my voice not matter what. I've been calm, so calm. I've created routine and fun. I've been to meetings, more meetings and searched for answers. I've learned that anxiety looks like many different things and I've been in to battle. This too will pass.

I've had those phone call from school and those meetings. I've got my child up for work every morning. I've encouraged. I provided food. I've done drug tests. I've taken petrol cans to stopped cars. I've listened, and tried to be a voice of reason. I've protected the younger ones and finally I've let them go. I've cried and prayed and longed for things to be different. This too will pass.

Right now on my journey it is hard. It's tough going. Parenting teens it making me find strength I did not know what possible, that your heart can be breaking so much, and yet you can still make home a warm, safe and most importantly happy place for the children there. Living the reality of if you love someone, let them go... it's the hardest thing I've done. But there comes a point where freedom is the only thing you can give them. This too will pass.

Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, this too will pass. Both good times and bad, the wheel will turn. Hold hope in your heart and know, whatever happens... you can get through this, this too will pass. That's my message to you... this too will pass.


  1. Beautiful post. If I was there I would give you a hug. Cx

  2. Thankyou. You manage to find beauty in the barrenness. You are one of the good ones Deb xxx

  3. Yes, this is my motto too. Seriously we must have a common relative somewhere. I also tell people that our family went through the darkest times, times I thought we wouldnt actually make it, but I survived, the family survived and we are still together, I am here to tell the rest that I am testament to the power of endurance. You will get through!
    The human spirit is incredible.

  4. I actually told my daughter pretty much the same thing yesterday. Get through it and out the other side where things will be better. Lovely post Deb, I hope that 2013 will be a better year for you and your family. x

  5. YOU are AMAZING Deb!!
    Your strength and optimism and resiliance inspires me and overwhelms me. You are an incredible woman.
    Your message in such an important one.
    I hope the tough stuff really does pass soon and you have some smooth, happy sailing. x

  6. Lovely Post....I am new to your blog and I don't really know you yet but I feel where you are coming from having been through the Teen Years myself but not knowing how it would feel to live somewhere that as been through so much.
    I Hope 2013 brings you what You Deserve.

  7. Thank you Deb. This is a beautiful post. x

  8. ^^ Kate left a comment!! Not surprised. As usual, you have hit the nail on the head. This saying GOT ME THROUGH a part of my life that I wasn't sure I could get through. Actually, come to think of it, it's helping now, at another challenging part of my life. Thank you for the reminder, lovely lady xxx

  9. I want to hug you xxx
    You've been that happy calm smiling person to me when I've felt my world was cracking
    You've been my voice of reason
    You're so loved Deb
    I'm sorry things are hard for you right now xxx
    This too shall pass

  10. Deb, you have made me cry, these last few months have been hard and scary for me and reading this inspires me to hang on and to believe it will pass. Thank you so much and I hope things get much easier for you soon.

  11. Yes this too will pass but sometimes getting to the other side can be so hard. You just keep on trucking and wait for things to get better. Hugs. Change is inevitable but not always welcome.
    I am not sure what I would blog about.


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