Sunday, December 2, 2012

Today at My House....

Wow it's Monday already. So fast they come around,
last week was better over really, so let's move forward.
Next Monday we are off to Melbourne for my brother's wedding.
Exciting Much.
...the suitcases are out and packing has begun!

The house has that lived in feel,
with evidence of human occupation in every room... it's a mess!

When I went to pack Reuben's drawers I found most of the clothes
were dirty, how can this be? considering how many clean
clothes he puts in the laundry.

I finished binding two quilts on the weekend.
Annie and I are going to photograph them this morning once the kitchen is tidy.

There are a few hints of Christmas appearing,
plans afoot to put the tree up tonight and hang some fairy lights.

Lots of loose ends to tie up this week.
The end of the year is like that. All good bye's and tears.
A clean slate for the summer and 2013 round the corner.

What's up at your house this week??
I'd love to hear.


  1. Yay for tying up loose ends! Yay for trips! x

  2. Oh the quilts and retro pillow cases look gorgeous, so inviting! Happy happy holidays x

  3. It's good to have some motivation to tie up those loose ends and look forward to a fresh new year. You have been such a wonderful support to lots of us bloggers this year. May you get some wonderful "chill" time over Christmas.

  4. ....THE TREE.......that's up!
    As for the rest, my loose ends are forever flapping around whatever time of the year it is. :-)

  5. Up went the Christmas tree and on went the lights. So pretty. The thought of all of the Christmas shopping is daunting. But I haven't got the time or energy to make presents this year. This is a lovely time of year though. So much to look forward to.

  6. Hahahha Aesop does the EXACT same thing with his clothes - so glad to hear he's not the only one!!


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