Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: the N***** Edition

Ok don't hate me people.1But I have a confession to make.
On Saturday David and I went down to Sumner beach
to join the World-Record Breaking attempt for Skinny Dipping.
Yes we actually did it. We'd had a crappy-as week, it made a great end to it!

Now I have to say it was surprisingly great.
You had to sign up and then we got marched down the beach in groups of 50
behind a windbreak/screen and when the signal was given
we all got naked. Ok I won't lie, that was a bit awkward.
Well it would have been if you were the only one!
But no one chickened out and off down to the water everyone ran.

It was FREEZING, the water was 13 deg. C and it was COLD, take your breath away cold.
Then we walked back up the beach and got dressed.
Really that was all there was to it. But it was amazing.
It was so liberating. You looked about you at bodies in all shapes and sizes,
and you couldn't help but see that apart from one difference (boys/girls)
they were just bodies. Some bigger, some smaller,
All a bit wrinkly, some saggier. Some browner.
Underneath all our clothes and the fronts we put on,
we were just human beings.
There was nothing creepy about it, it actually felt normal, I kid you not.

Somehow it seemed like a real bonus at the end of the no-diet year
to walk on the beach naked, and not feel ashamed of my body,
to be at peace with who I am and what I look like. I totally could not have done that in January.

So there you are. However you feel about your body,
I challenge you to make 2013 the year you make peace with it.
You won't regret it and your body will love you for it!
You don't have to skinny dip ;) but you can choose to be free, however that looks to you.

Joining in with folks with actual clothes on here!


  1. Bravo! I think it's neat we come in all sorts of shapes and colors.

  2. Deb I love this post it made me laugh but it also made me cry with joy - because ultimately that is the thing to make PEACE with ourselves to stop our striving to be a 'perfect' that we can never reach (in all things). I love your words, your wisdom and your bras are nice too. Don't forget to link in sweet one xxx

  3. great post - so brave, well done :)

  4. Good for you Deb! Love the skin we're in is a great message and one that's not heard enough. Beautiful pics too :)

  5. You are amazing...and very brave. Made me smile. Cx

  6. A wonderful and funny post Deb.


  7. You're awesome and very inspiring! That's something I definitely need to work on in 2013.

  8. O...M....G........hahahaha.
    That is awesome to the maximum.
    .....something about the emperors new clothes springs to are such a free spirit, THANK YOU for sharing it makes my day.

  9. This is the best post I have read in a long time! I am so proud of you! Yahoo!

  10. Best unexpectedly random post I have read all year!

  11. This is SO fantastic. Congratulations Deb. I'd love to do something like this too.

  12. I am so impressed!!! Good on you! Love the what-you-didn't-wear post! I saw that skinny dip on the news and wondered if I'd have the guts (lol) to join in! Dunno. But I'd like to think I would..

  13. What an incredibly brave awesome thing to do
    Loving this post
    I've just started spray tanning (for work) and commented to Mr B the other night the exact same thing about womans bodies - they are all the same all beautiful and we are our own worst enemies

  14. Awesome you are so brave, thanks for sharing

  15. Wooo! Go you! It must have been so liberating. Lovely bras on your line too!!

  16. Oh right when I thought I couldn't love you more, I DO!! Love this post. Love it. I needed it. xo --ginger.

  17. So cool! did you beat the record? Loved the post.

  18. Hahahahaha! Way to go!
    If we are still in Seattle in June next year, I will very probably do the naked bike ride. Not many people do it completely naked - most have a lot of body paint on and that makes a huge difference! (I admit, I'll still probably have knickers on and a lot of the better endowed ladies wear bras because ow!)

  19. That is just fantastic Deb! Just what I needed for the end of a bad day, sometimes knowing we are all the same underneath inside & out is all it takes to feel better!

  20. I heard about this and I think I said "go you!" when I read this out loud! I can completely imagine the normality of it - what a fantastic liberating thing to do and be proud of YOU! Awesomeness xx

  21. Totally awesome! I'll join your challenge and do a no diet for 2013!
    Love Leanne


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