Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Time for an accessory or two!

I love scarves and cardigans. The weather is perfect at the moment for this combo.
I feel like it turns my everyday look into something a bit smarter.

This scarf is from Sports Girl last time I went to see Sharyn
and the cardigan is yet another Glasson's one.
Have I mentioned how much I love Glasson's cardys???

The usual nana dress-turned skirt and leggings combo.
it's just so practical with a three year old.

How do those fashion bloggers do it?
When I try and look cute, I end up looking slightly demented.

I really should take more care with my hair
the whole wash/brush and forget thing probably is not my best look really.
Memo to self: must blow-dry and add some product next time.

These vintage sandals are so comfy and I love the colour.
I paid $4 for them from the opshop and had to get them repaired
but for $14 a very excellent pair of sandals for the summer.

Wardrobe Wednesday


  1. ah you are so cute and not at all demented looking!! :o)

  2. You look cute to me and i love your scarf a lot!
    groetjes, Corry

  3. You dont look demented in the least! Great accessorising!


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