Monday, December 17, 2012

"We only deliberately waste time with those we love -- it is the purest sign that we love someone if we choose to spend time idly in their presence when we could be doing something more constructive."

It seemed like an impossible mission:
to get six people to Melbourne for a wedding two weeks before Christmas,
to leave our business running here at the busiest time of the year.

The getting ready was, I must say, about as stressful as it gets
at one point David said, he felt like the universe was conspiring to get him
(or words to that effect); that combined with some teenage boy grimness,
it was hard to get really excited about going away.

But once we hopped on the plane,
we were determined that we were going to not worry about what was going on at home
and just make the most of being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The wedding was really lovely, we have a lot of photos
I'll try and edit them down to a select few. Jeremy and Eva had thought of every detail.

But the really wonderful part was hanging out as a family
taking trams and trains and experiencing new things.
We also stayed with an amazing family who saw my plea for finding accommodation on Instagram
and offered their home to us and made us feel so welcome.

One morning while we were away I woke up early and read in my phone
about the terrible tragedy in the US.
It was so heart breaking, I didn't want it to be true.
It felt disrespectful to their pain to be having a holiday,
but it seemed the only thing I could do anyhow was hold my babies close, 
even the prickly teenage ones.

For me though the thing about this tragedy is the bigger picture...
the fact that more Americans die from guns in 6 months
than from 25 years of terrorism and Iraq and Afghan wars combined.
Or what about this...
Six children die from gun crimes EVERY DAY in the US.

I know that you don't read my blog for politics,
and I realise that I don't even live in the US and therefore have no vote,
but surely if each and every one of us in the world speak up,
maybe all of our voices can unite and make a difference.
Also please read this post by Lily (one of my all time favourite bloggers)
she says it so much better than I. {hops off soapbox}

So even though it seemed like the craziest thing
to go to a different country for a holiday just before Christmas,
it was a precious, precious time that I will always remember,
Melbourne you were so kind to us.


  1. It is hard to be celebratory amidst so much grief. However, I can almost guarantee that all the people who lost a child in the tragedy would tell you to celebrate and enjoy every moment.

    When I saw your first picture I was thinking you were all nuts for wearing shorts! Then I remembered where you live and it is summer. :-)

  2. so glad you had a good time - and amen to your rant!

  3. so glad to hear you had a wonderful time. so hard to look into a gorgeous wee face like annies and not think of those children and their families. those stats are horrendous :0(

  4. Im with you on this - very upsetting and completely avoidable :( glad you had a lovely time x


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