Thursday, January 3, 2013

A boy + a disguise = an hour of fun

One afternoon when we were in Melbourne,
we went to the Merribee Mansion.

There were several events running in the gardens,
and I suggested to Reuben that he sneak up and spy at them through the bushes.

He totally thought it was a great idea
and found three pieces of pine and stuck one in his hat
and two in his hands and snuck about the place.

He was so so funny.
He crept about like a caricature of a detective.

Can you spot him? 

He made us laugh so so hard.

No of course you can't see him.

It kept him (and us) happy for ages.

Even seeing these pictures makes me laugh a fresh.
What a funny boy. He was creeping about the garden like a caricature of a bad detective.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.


  1. Hilarious! Oh and isn't the Werribee Mansion just spectacular?

  2. As my Grandmother would say, " god love him,"

  3. Love it! I really didn't see him in that picture!

  4. ROFL. It kept him and you happily entertained!


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