Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First day....

She had her breakfast, talked to Grandma on the phone,
put on her brand-new dress, because if you can't wear a new dress on the first day,
when are you going to really!

Listened to mum telling her how great it was going to be,
but she knew that.

Although the wee face shows that maybe she was a bit worried after all.
What a wee darling. Recently I told her that she grew in my tummy
and she fell about laughing. "Muuum you're so silly, of course not,
Jesus dropped me off to you". Well she got that right. She is a real gift to our family.

Three and three quarter years ago when I was being wheeled into theatre,
I wondered out loud how this could be a good idea.

Lucky it wasn't up to me, because was this the best idea ever!
Annie has been sunshine and joy in our family through three years that have had a lot of challenges.

It was hard to take the next step this morning,
I think I wanted to keep her home for ever.
But three mornings of kindy are going to be great for her I know
it just seemed like a big step to leave her at Kindy and not be there with her.

Obligatory first day of school picture.

And here she is at the school gate.
I made her what could be the biggest kindy bag ever to hold changes of clothes
and lunch and anything else that needs to go to Kindy.

We put her lunchbox on the shelf, and her inside shoes in the basket,
we put the piece of fruit to share in the basket
and hung the bag on her hook. Little tasks that will soon be routine.

I told her I made the bag so that when she saw it,
she would remember that mummy loves her.

Here she is in the classroom with her teacher, Ellen.
Ellen will be her teacher for the next three years till the year she turns seven
when she will go across the playground to the school.

And so the great adventure begins.


  1. Hope her day went well. I have a little girl the same age, who is also going to be doing 3 kindy sessions a week this year. She is my last and growing so fast. Cx

  2. oh Deb she is so beautiful and her bag is so enormous!!! ;-)

    beautiful photos too

  3. I love every single pic, how exciting and so special to have such a BAG!

  4. Girgeous - just ade me want to blub... Gorgeous little one (and her bag and her mum!) x

  5. lol that bag says "goin places!". and how sweet does that classroom look....what a lovely post. hope it all went well.
    Allison x

  6. yes a very important day for her, leaving mum for so many hours!!!! What a sweetie she is.

  7. Aw Deb,
    such an adorable post and that bag; so tender
    Jo x

  8. Naw, its going to be great for all involved! I love her retort that "Jesus dropped her off to you". Mine told me she was "God's little helper, not your helper Mummy!" Ha I stand corrected!

  9. Soooooo beautiful Deb!

    I love that a little bit of my fabric is now part of the history of your family with Annie's first day of kinder. To this day I still remember my little blue suitcase that I took on my first day of school!

  10. How exciting for your little one. She's going to have a blast.

  11. OH Deb, she is simply precious! I'll be praying for you as you transition to this time of sweet miss annie being away part of the days! I remember what it was like... :) And the bag you made is simply lovely!

  12. oooh LOVE her big girl bag. I've homeschooled so have had my kids with me - been a great life style. Our dd did go to kindy and she was more than happy to be there - I cried all the way home. Oh they grow up so fast. Hope your dd had a wonderful first day.
    Love Leanne

  13. Oh, so bittersweet.

    That bag is huge! She will be able to use it if she ever travels Europe for a year! :-)

  14. So sweet. I love that you made her bag 'so that you know Mummy loves you.' Beautiful.

  15. Moments like these are so precious.... and I love the bag and what you said to her about it. That's the reason I love handmade :)

  16. There was definitely a tear while I read this beautiful post, gorgeous wee girl and I looooove that bag.

  17. Such a sweet post...Your baby is growing up! She looks so sweet there! And I love her bag!

  18. That looks like a lovely Kindy and Ellen looks like a very kind teacher. Love the bag btw! :)

  19. Love the pics of your little one's first day, all dressed up. Seems like yesterday my little one stood for a picture on the front steps of the school in a new dress on her first day of school. She's getting married in Aug!

    Hope she loves her school!

  20. Gorgeous bag, gorgeous girl, and GORGEOUS KINDY!!! I'm super envious that you have a Steiner school/kindy so near. I would LOVE to send mine to Steiner, but will have to settle for waldorf homeschool unless we move :-( Can't wait to grill you about it when I come down! (WOOOOP!!! I get to meet you!!!)


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