Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello I'm home....

Did you miss me??
No probably not because I scheduled posts to keep the blog busy while I was away,
I hope you enjoyed them.

We just came back from two weeks of rest and recreation in Central Otago.
We took our caravan to sleep in and parked on our friend's lawn.

We caught up on some sleep, cooked giant meals each night and had lots of cups of coffee,
and sat around and chatted.

There was magazine reading. I feel all inspired for the new year.

I did lots and lots of knitting and amazingly I got faster.
I'm absolutely in love with the Griffin pattern by Tikkiknits and managed to knit two.
 I made a serious mistake with Roo's, he still loves it.

Annie decided sleep was just over-rated as three-year olds do,
but she was pretty good on the whole.
She got chicken pox on the weekend and has been a bit scratchy since then,
luckily she got a light dose.

I just love Central Otago, the scenery is amazing, truly.

It was kinda fun being just four of us sometimes
although we missed having the big kids around.

Look at these beautiful three.
We drove up to Mount Cook one day, that was pretty incredible.

We had a lot of rain, wind and even some snow
but we did have some lovely weather too.
It was so good to see how confident the kiddies are getting in the water.
I think Annie needs some swimming lessons this year just to learn how to keep safe.

Here's Roo in his hoodie which we call the "Road Cone"
it's hard to get it off him. David and Reuben went to camp on an island one night
and had a lovely time "roughing it".

So now we are home again. The house is messy from one end to the other,
but we will gradually beat it into shape I'm sure!

Ah it is nice to be home though.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


  1. Happy new year DEB and take a cup of coffee. that messs can wait, keep CALM end ENJOY/
    Hugs Baukje

  2. Happy New year indeed!
    I love your tramps in New Zealand, I think we stopped at that point on the way to mount cook.
    Love from the UK.
    ps. my folks are off on their trip on the 17th!!

  3. welcome home dear one - look forward to catching up soon xx

  4. Hi
    we've never met but I want to let you know I love your blogs and I follow your instagrams! Full of inspiration and I love all your creativity.
    E Greening

  5. Yay for great holidays! Central Otago is my favourite part of NZ I think - welcome home :)

  6. Welcome home and yeah for beautiful scenery

    I'm about to run away to the South Island for a week

    Looking forward to it

  7. Happy New Year!
    Sounds like you had a lovely, rejuvenating holiday :-)


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