Friday, January 11, 2013

Starting a new project or two...

It's so nice to be home, getting it all shipshape again. 
We've decided to have a giant declutter.
So far we have taken one load to the dump,
one to the yard of work stuff
and have two loads ready of stuff to donate to the City Mission.
While I was away it seemed every second person in my Instagram feed
was making this quilt and so I was itching to come home and start it.
Yesterday I sewed a couple of blocks and started four more.
I'm using some 2 1/2 inch stripes I intended to do this quilt with
but it never really happened. I think the dear old fashioned florals will suit this pattern.

But then today i woke up and was itching to make one of these.
I had read this post and thought, hmm I think I do need a valentines quilt.

And before you knew it I had rummaged in my stash and behold I had a block.

And another one.

And another. I told myself it was good practice for one of these quilts I'm making for someone
next month. But really it was just fun. I'm always motivated by sewing.
Tidy a room, sew a block, put in a load of washing, sew a block and so on.
The jobs get done and the blocks get sewn.

This one is pretty wonky. Whoops.  I don't really do wonky that well. Never mind.
In between decluttering the bookshelves (four boxes of books to donate)
and tidying the house, a nice wee pile of these blocks got made.

I'm going to back it with this fun fabric. Why didn't I notice the black fluff when I took the pic?
I got the fabric on sale from the lovely Brenda at Pink Castle fabrics.
Have you seen the sale section at Pink Castle fabrics??
It's worth visiting. My stash is looking a lot better since I added to it.
(I must show you my stash sometime. It actually fits in a drawer)

I'm hoping this will turn out a pretty pretty pink quilt that the girls will love
(and hopefully not fight over)

I started off doing plus squares but then Chrissy said they look a bit like kisses
so I made a few more x shapes, but they don't sew too well with the bias edges and all.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll squeeze a bit more sewing in one or both of these projects.

I did buy the perfect fabric for binding my handpieces stars so I can finish that off too.
I'd love to finish something every week this year.
So far I'm ahead having knitted the two hoodies!! (I will photograph them I promise)

Ah it's so great to be creating again. My happy place.


  1. Lovely! I can not believe your stash fits in one draw!

  2. Beautiful! And a good de-clutter is on my list too.

  3. I love the wonky cross quilt. i think I will have to do one!!!

  4. The wonkiness really is quite cute! Lisa x

  5. I can understand the need to start on these new quilts both are so appealing...I am also creating a very overdue cross quilt for one of the boys, but its all reds blacks and greys......far rather the pink!! Can't wait to see that pieced quilt :) Its looking gorgeous....enjoy :)

  6. I love the way you put fabrics together, especially the handpieced stars. I'm making some trip around the world blocks, too. How fun!

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  8. Thise srapoy blocks are beconing me too!! Both projects look great Deb, yay for happy places :)

  9. Great to see you sorted and already starting inspiring projects for 2013 - loving the pink 'wonky' blocks


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