Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Scrappy Trip Around Quilt top is finished...

This accidental project was the perfect school holiday project.
Wake up hours before the kids and mindless sewing before they wake up.

Completely scrappy, completely random apart from one dark strip in the centre of each block.

Some sanity is just lunch by yourself and two extra hours to sew while daddy takes the kiddies out.

And before I knew it it was done. 
An accidental epic, perfect for our bed this winter,
a bit of summer collected together in one place.

All of my old fashioned florals used up, almost to the last piece,
there will be an auxiliary quilt from the left overs of course.

Expect to see lots of this quilt in photos. 
I love it. I love how all the wee prints live happily ever after together.

Trying it out for size on our bed. 

Oh and here's the architecture hidden in one of the blocks.
A bit more in another quilt!


  1. Oh Deb, this is absolutely gorgeous! Lisa x

  2. Sooo pretty, Deb! I love how you always have unique, to me, fabrics. Must be because you're in NZ and I'm in US? I have 19 blocks done so far but I wish I had always used a dark fabric for the middle. Yours look great!

  3. It is so beautiful and I LOVE scrappy quilts/

  4. That is gorgeous. But, what I really love is that fabulous green fabric in the background of the first picture and your beautiful outdoor bunting. Lovely fabrics. Cx

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  6. So Very pretty! You've been hard at work and it looks lovely, such a nice addition to any bed.

  7. Oh, Deb, it is lovely! I have always wanted to make a trip around the world quilt! Yours is great! Bet you can't wait to get it quilted!

  8. It turned out so pretty! Your lunch looks yummy too!

  9. My absolute favourite quilt of yours!!! <3

  10. Deb you are a quilting machine! Obviously a lot of love and hours of devotion have gone into this quilt. Beautiful
    Jo x

  11. Very pretty! Love that you got to sew in pieces, I mean in peace.
    Must try this one myself one day, it's been huge on the Internet.

  12. Yay it's finished!, it looks lovely on your bed :)

  13. That is a great quilt!
    Lots of work.
    I still haven't finished mine that I did with Craftsy BOM free class yet. All I have to do is machine quilt it and bind it and I'm done.... LOL got to get some decent batting first. Don't want to use the Dacron duvet inner I was planning on using.


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