Friday, February 1, 2013

Another scrappy quilt comes together....

For Christmas I brought myself some scrap bundles to make a scrap vomit quilt.
It's a funny term coined by Katy meaning all the odds and sods go together to make a quilt.
I was going to make it first off this year, 
but got distracted by the Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
But it was still school holidays and I was still getting up early to get boys off to work,
so time for a bit more sewing.

Block by Block it came together...

I wasn't sure if I made a mistake with the pop of orange and yellow,
but I think it works.

Reuben really likes this and so I'm going to get Shenleigh to quilt it,
I've got some leopard print to go on the back.

The colours are actually brighter than this, but I think the camera got a fright and wouldn't take it!!

I love how random it is. Florals and stripes and spots all mixed up together.

It really is the colours of summer, blue blue skies and hot summer sun.

Here's the kiddies to give you some idea of the scale of the thing.
It's really big - 36 blocks.

And here's the back, all messy and not pressed properly
(my iron died while I was making this so pressing seams went out the window)
but I like it too. It's like our summer has been, 
messy, with some ugly bits but put together with love and some sunshine,
it makes something pretty.


  1. Wow! You did a great job! The orange and yellow work so well. :)

  2. Very striking quilt!! No mistake with those colors!

  3. it's massive - 2013 seems to be your year for over-sized sewing projects for your babies! ;-)
    I love how your kids decide quilts are for them and they have their favs it's such a legacy you are giving them xx

  4. I LOVE IT!!!

    The orange and black bring a little structure to the chaos I think.
    You must love machine sewing a lot, I would love to sit and do more hand sewing, if only I had a housework fairy.....sigh........

  5. It looks wonderful, I was going to say it looks like little suns shinning down from on top , down on the water !! Lovely !!!

  6. Wow! That is big...and absolutely you did the right thing with the orange and yellow, it brings the whole quilt together. The way you crank out these quilts is continually inspiring xx

  7. When I saw the first close-of the orange/yellow/black I wasn't sure but seeing the whole thing together looks fabulous! I love it!
    (Please always post pictures of your quilts. I really enjoy seeing them.)

  8. Oh Deb, again you did it. Do you ever sleep?????
    Hugs from France

  9. I love the orange. It makes it unique and you

  10. Love it, awesome quilt top! I am always amazed at how super fast you put them together! Fab x

  11. that is absolutely divine Deb! It's the most gorgeous quilt I've seen in months! Yum!


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