Saturday, February 16, 2013

Contribution {with a little help from Cassels and Sons}

This year we have been talking to Reuben (10) about contribution,
about doing things for others just because and not just family and friends.
He's been really struggling with the concept
although when we get him doing something he does enjoy it.

So when we saw that the Brewery (just down the road from us)
 was having a river clean up day,
we decided it was something we could all do.

We arrived and a young man gave us gloves and rubbish bags
and we set off up and down the river bank finding rubbish.

Reuben and his friend Finn loved it,
they were up and down collecting rubbish happy as can be.

A lot of rubbish was collected, including a couple of tvs and some tyres,
we found a duvet and some other evidence of sleeping rough.
Reuben found what he called a "hobo's spot" filled with spray cans etc
he was thrilled to bits! (not that we let him into the condemned building)
Then we came back and the good folks at the Brewery gave us cold drinks
and delicious spicy sausages in good bread with onions and homemade tomato sauce,
oh and corn on the cob cooked on the bbq.
I tell you it was totally worth picking up rubbish for!

We sat around with our new friends chatting and enjoying the lovely afternoon.
That's the thing about contribution,
yes it's great for the cause you are supporting,
but really you always get more back than what you give.

By the way this is Jeremy who we met. He's wearing a Liberty shirt. 
I had to resist tearing it off his body and taking it home to cut it up for a quilt!!

Look at this funky lady in her red glasses and jaunty cap, isn't she awesome?
Stepping out of your house and your comfort zone means that you get to meet interesting people.

I loved the way the Cassel's do things.
They are innovative and creative (look at this art)
they do things well but with their own flair and style.
They inspired a whole lot of us to get off our sofas and out into the fresh air
to pick up rubbish, but then they showed great hospitality and generosity to us all.

Thanks to them, I'm pretty sure that it will be much easier to get Reuben out next time.
Contribution can be messy and untidy,
but it is rewarding in it's own way.
Definitely will be looking out for the next river clean-up day that's for sure!


  1. We have shoreline clean-ups here as well and it is always amazing the amount of garbage that is collected!

    That is definitely a great shirt!

  2. lol trust you to want to rip a mans shirt off!!...for the fabric.
    looks like a great way to spend a day.
    Allison x

  3. I love this post
    Great stuff Reuben but then again you have a very giving Mum to inspire teach and guide you
    What a fantastic thing for the brewery to do

  4. Sounds like quite a fun day for all. Nice shirt indeed!
    Give a little get a lot more back.....I often say.

  5. Sounds a really interesting to spend a day, good on you.

  6. Well done to you all. It is a wonderful lesson to your children about cleaning up our environment and volunteering. Glad you all had a good day. x

  7. What a great way to learn something - looks fun :)


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