Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Beginnings {{Thoughts from 3am}}

I am 44 years old, I have been married for 20 years,
I have four children. I have lived through a lot of ups and downs.
And today I start as a brand new student at Canterbury University.

At 3am, having lain awake for a couple of hours, 
I've decided to get up, have a cup of tea and write this post.
I suppose I'm anxious. I'm worried I won't find where I'm supposed to be
and that I'll miss out on hearing some vital piece of information.
Sometimes I feel like I live in a 90's aerobics class. 
Everyone is swinging one way and I'm swinging the other.

But really all of my life has prepared me for this day.
I plan to take all the pieces of my experience and add learning and facts
and be come out the other end able to use these things to help others.

Even the ugly bits, or maybe especially the ugly bits.
They are all going to be useful.
The struggles and the secret tears will have their place.

It's true I'm a bit old for this caper,
my friends are settling down ready for a quieter life,
but I love to learn and I've probably got enough time left for this adventure
plus some years of usefulness as well.
One of the reasons I'm doing this, is because you can do it sitting down,
so even if my hips give up completely, it won't matter,
unlike teaching or something similar where you need to be fit and active.

It's like this quilt which I made completely from scraps and leftovers
and discarded pieces (apart from the binding). 
It's off on a useful life now keeping a precious family warm.
It's amazing when you put all those things that don't seem 
that special or important together,
you can make something that is beautiful and good.

This old dog is going to learn a few new tricks.


  1. Good for you, so brave! But it's going to be so worth every minute of it! Have fun and grow!

  2. First if all - good luck.
    Secondly - I think that is one gorgeous quilt. Did you do the quilting too? It really, really makes it.

  3. Will be early to bed for you today, hope you have an easy dinner planned.
    Wishing you all the best on your new journey.
    Love the quilt and quilting!
    Love Leanne

  4. I'm cheering you on from Southern California, USA. I read your blog often and admire your work and creativity.

  5. You're never too old to change paths, Deb! Bravo to you for the courage to do something outside of your comfort zone! Good luck1

  6. You are going to be so great! If lost just ask and you have the advantage of GPS which I never did lol. You will love it I think, like I did. So proud and excited today.

  7. I am excited for you. By the time I am writing this you will have finished your first day. Enjoy this wonderful new journey.

  8. Best wishes for your day and the start of something new. Cx

  9. Will be thinking of you all day Deb! I have total faith that you have chosen the right path. You'll rock it!!! What have I told you about mature students?!?

  10. Good luck Deb, can't wait to hear how your first days go. From my own days at UC, I'm sure you'll get lots out of it.

  11. I did look at your post to start with and think "what are you doing up at 3am". But I get it!! You are going to enjoy it, have a blast and probably have a big impact on the lives of some of those "just out of school" kids. Can't wait to see.

  12. Best of luck deb, and enjoy yourself. Learning is so invigorating, it will keep you young x

  13. I admire your skill and perseverance! Love that quilt and you will have a blast! ENjoy your day :D

  14. You will be fabulous! You ARE fabulous!

    I was once a University tutor, my favourite students were mature students because they were the most engaged, worked the hardest and made the most sacrifices to be there.

    This is going to be awesome Deb!

  15. You will wonder by the end of the day what on earth you were worrying about at 3am. I went back to study last year and I love it. I am nearly 10 years older than you and have just begun the journey of a new life. Believe me, if I can do it then anyone can. Enjoy your day and all the days to come. x

  16. I bet you have the best day - it's a wonderful thing to keep learning :) xxx

  17. Life long learning keeps you vital and young my friend. Good luck for your first day of school - what an exciting adventure it shall be. xx

  18. Good luck Deb! I hope your course fills you with knowledge and challenges you.
    Ab x

  19. you go girl - couldn't be prouder of you. Now is your time xxxx

  20. We are never too old to learn new things and you have such valuable 'life experience'. I'm sure you will, after the initial adjustment tiredness, be totally energized by this new phase in your life. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  21. Go you, well done for taking this step. We're all behind you! Life experience makes you the wonderful special person you are... Go get'em tiger xx

  22. Best of luck Deb, I know you will be fabulous and have a great time learning.

  23. You are brave, but knowing what you want and feel happy doing is half a battle won! for myself I feel we are all a work in progress and thats how I found your lovely honest refreshing blog...
    so bestest to you and yours today...
    Daisy j

  24. Well done, very brave, but I love that you know what you want AND what you don't want...we are all a work in progress I guess?
    Also admiring the title of your blog too!
    so good luck and the bestet of wishes to you and yours today

  25. You go, girl! Best wishes as you set out on this voyage of discovery :-)
    You've made beauty out of nothing in that latest quilt!

  26. life is one big learning experience Deb, go for it, you will be so proud of yourself at the end of it! Study is fun at any age!

  27. Hope you had a great first day, Deb, I would love to be going back to school. At least you don't have all the worries that the other newbies have, like finding a path in life, being happy in their skin and figuring out how much they can drink and still be awake enough to go to lectures the next day!

  28. Beautiful quilt :) Also hope your day went well and without a hiccup x

  29. You can do this! I am doing the same thing this year. I am 40.5 (though no kidlets) have a worthwhile career and two degrees, but wanted to do some learning for me. I'm enrolled in Japanese at the local community college.

    It is hard and it will be for you too I suppose. But you are worth it!

  30. such a beautiful quilt and loving your new blog look by Simoney - so very pretty!


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