Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Still in the {in between}

Uni starts next week, all being well.
Reuben is at school and Annie is going to kindy three mornings a week.
I've been busy training a sweet boy called Robbie to take over my day-job.
In the meantime my head has been full of plans.
One of them is to make a quilt for Cam.
I can't stop thinking about her and praying for her. 
She's just had a big surgery. The biggest really.
If you would like to send me a 5" square with your name stitched or written down the centre
I'll add it to the quilt. If you comment on this post I'll send you my address.  
I've used 5000 metres of cotton. Wow.
Cheaper than therapy that's all I can say.

I've been working on a prototype of a drawstring bag
with a construction I think is genius.
I've almost perfected it and then I'll share it with you.
I used every last 2 1/2" square leftover from the Scrappy Trip Along quilt,
I made an auxilary quilt, two giant cushions and two drawstring bags.
It was such a great feeling to actually use them up.

I've been on a pillow making run lately.
The kids love them. Look at Reuben's bed doesn't it look amazing?
He styles it himself. (I didn't make the union jack, that was given to me
and liberated by Reuben for his bed)

It's six years today since Sally died.
I still miss her like it was just last week.
Good friend's are irreplaceable.
Relationships are important.
I wish I could bake cookies for her and have her rubbish my coffee again.
I wish she could tell me to get my eyebrows waxed and berate me about my clothes.
Just once. Just for a moment.

Yesterday I went on a thrifting adventure with James
and we found some great treasures.
The bestest brightest happiest yellow blanket was one of them.
Isn't it great?

I do feel like I'm still waiting for the year to begin
but I'm getting a lot of projects sorted in the meantime.


  1. Hey Deb :)
    Love that first pic, beautiful. And that yellow blanket, what a great find.
    I feel like I am still getting into this year too.
    I can't wait till you reveal your bag tutorial! I could do with a good drawstring bag instructions, rather than my muddle through, do it different every time approach!
    I am working away (slowly) at that knitting for you. It's been so hot, I had to have a break from it, but it will be with you before the weather turns chilly...
    Take care xoxo


  2. Sorry to hear about your sad anniversary. Working at a Church I witness many joyous and sad occasions, what I have learnt is that it is life, and loosing someone is hard but we did get the chance to be with them for some time, and for that we can smile. Sally sounds like a character, do you really make rubbish coffee? Maybe she meant you to find that sunny blanket....OK now I know I am being a little left of centre....I will go now...:-)

  3. love that sunny blanket! Also the drawstring bag looks super cute and I can't wait to see how you made it!

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  5. Oh, I love that sunny yellow blanket. I wound't have been able to walk past it. Love your cushions too. Cx

  6. way to go Reuben on liberating the cushion you wanted ;)

  7. way to go Reuben on liberating the cushion you wanted ;)

  8. I would love to send you some squares for your quilt. Anniversaries can be sad but they also help us to remember the one we have lost & reflect on the happy times we shared with them. I am also busy making a bag for the scrap bag swap - I just love doing this swap & this time my partner is someone that I know quite well through blog-land!

  9. I would love to add some colour to Cam's quilt. Please email me your address. Thanks, Cat.

    PS: Beautiful post.

  10. My husband just spent some lovely time reading our blog. He said he loves your garden, your honesty and your quilts. Same goes for me :)

    Would love to contribute a block to Cam's quilt. Please send me your address when you can



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