Saturday, February 2, 2013

This and that...

Love that my garden is finally producing flowers.
I love yellow and yellow flowers are the best.

I sorted out the spare room and managed to fit my new fabric purchases into my fabric draw.
I have lots of plans of quilts to make this year,
I'm looking forward to cutting some of this up for some special projects.

I love being able to put handmade touches on practical items for the children.
I'm hoping that it makes them feel loved when they see stitches that I put in.
These are Annie's inside shoes for Steiner.
Once upon a time they would have worn slippers,
but because of the earthquakes they need proper shoes in case they get evacuated.
It's amazing how many areas of life have been touched by our new normal.

I had a few scraps left over from my two scrap projects
and I really wanted them to be gone
so I've cut them all up for nine patches.

They are not very pretty or colour co-ordinated,
but I think that even ugly quilts keep you warm.

Individually these blocks aren't too bad
but together they are pretty average really.

Honestly this is the nicest block, it's all down-hill from here!!!
I found some fabric that had fallen down the back of the drawer in my tidying
and decided it would make sashing. Initially I was going to use the grey
but that looked terrible, I don't know how this is going to look either.
But quilted up it will be a perfectly fine blanket for a stray boy to sleep under!

I had a night off parental duties on friday
and took myself for some shopping and then a drive around the residential red zone.
I picked wild flowers growing randomly,
took a bunch of pictures and reflected on how the loss of entire communities
effects all of us who live here.

I started cross stitching my bee and Chrissy and Roo want to do one too.
A nice easy way to ease back into doing cross stitch I think.


  1. Annie's shoes are so sweet! I bet she loves them.

  2. now that you've got your fabric sorted... I bought you a couple of sheets on the west coast!!

  3. Cute detail on the shoes :)
    Also I've got a load of yellow flowers in the you think they'll last the flight?

    Love the bee fabric - I bet that would make a great picture you all sitting around doing some cross stitch! I also have some cross stitch on the go....nice to pick up when the mood takes me :)

  4. Lovely blog and your cross stitch is beautiful.

  5. I dont think it matters when you patchwork with ugly fabrics.
    I've seen plenty of ugly quilts with pretty fabrics!! Sometimes ugly is good xx

  6. the photos from your blog always put a smile on my face. so colorful. so happy. :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures and daily stitching... Especially love the shoes x


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