Monday, February 4, 2013


I'm in between.
School holidays are over {{breathe out}}
Kindy and School has begun {{breathe out}}

January was full of the unexpected.
There was sunshine and sewing {{breathe out}}
there was teenage boy dramas {{breathe in}}
there was lots of swimming and lots of flowers in the garden {{breathe out}}
We gained a teenager to the family
Jobs were won and lost {{breathe in}}
But we had a lot of fun meal times round the dinner table {{breathe out}}

Last night I started two new knitting projects,
I have eight quilts I want to start
and I think I want to turn this cute fabric into dresdens like this genius quilter.
It's the season for starting things. The start of the year all shiny and new.

Soon I will start studying.
It's a big new step for me. I'm waiting for the student loan to come through.
Waiting for all the ducks to be in a row.
It's kinda a no-man's zone of time between the full on mothering of the school holidays
and beginning almost full time study.

I kept our Christmas wreath hanging because I love it so much.
I'm sure we are going to need a bit of happy this year.

Things might not turn out like we've planned, like this granny square
which I pulled down to knit Annie a jumper.
It's different but it is ok.

Let's just keep breathing in and out and the year will pass by.
It's all ok really.


  1. Big hugs to you - and lots of breathing! am completely feeling your space! xx

  2. What a start to the year! Keep breathing in and out!!

  3. Sounds like you need a coffee... when are you free?

  4. exciting and busy times, just keep on breathing ok?

  5. What a hectic way to start the year. You have summed it up so well... it sounds familiar :)
    Ahhh the sanity of being creative! I wish you more ups than downs this year and wish you luck on a new phase of your studies xx

    Ps : Love the idea of that dresden quilt!

  6. so it's not just me trying to catch my breath! lots of promise in the this new year for all you guys-how exciting! x

  7. much energy!

    Your mind must tick over at a very fast rate, but I love your energy and enthusiasm it's very infectious.
    Those deconstructed dresdens are giving me ideas.....I can see them on a plain background and looking like petals dropping from flowers......what do you think?
    Happy New Year my dear and good luck with your studies and all.

  8. How exciting to be studying full time! Are you still doing the bookwork for your business too?
    I love the photo calendar, where did you get the template for that? I might do that for my blog since I'm such a rare poster now....
    A whole new year, keep breathing :-)

  9. I'm new to your blog and love all of your projects! Best of luck with all of the irons you have in various fires, as they say! I just keep hearing that refrain from fun.'s song, "Carry On", and just try to keep on carrying on. ;) Congrats on heading back to school. I'd love to do that, don't know if I'm brave enough!

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