Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scrap Swap 2013

I was sent a lovely bundle of scraps as part of the scrap swap organised by Nin.
These lovely fabrics arrived um, 
recently from the lovely Louanaat NZ Green Buttons.
 I'm a bit embarrassed Louana because I didn't acknowledge these sooner. 

I really really love all the fabrics she sent me,
they are just what I love.

I think I will use these in paper piecing,
may the kite which is popular at the moment.

This one is almost too nice to cut up really!

I've kept this one out to make a skirt for me.

And this one has been popped into the bag I'm putting Christmas fabrics
for my scrap vomit Christmas Quilt.

This is cool too. I think Louana must have photographed some crochet
and somehow printed it onto fabric.

Anyhow I've been doing lots of stuff with scraps this year,
and I've come up with what I think is an ingenious way to make a drawstring bag
so I'm going to take some pictures today and write a wee tutorial for you.


  1. Such pretty fabrics.
    what a great idea with the crochet squares as fabric.

  2. What beautiful fabrics. I especially love the one you are going to use for a skirt. Cx

  3. The crochet fabric is amazing. A scrap vomit quilt sounds 'interesting'!!!

  4. What's this??? You're going to try the dreaded paper piecing again? If you need any help give me a shout and remember that some days the best thing that you can when you're paper piecing is put the fabric down, walk away and have a nice cup of tea- it saves the sanity, honestly!
    Love the fabrics that Louana sent you- they're perfect for you!

  5. yay Deb I'm so glad it arrived :) I was starting to worry it might have got lost! I'm really glad you like the fabrics xxx

  6. Oh oh oh - can I be allowed to make the skirt from that super cool vintage fabric??


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