Friday, April 12, 2013

A bundle of handcrafted love...

Clare at Green Valley Crafts sent me this bundle of love.
Clare does the most most amazing knitting basically at the speed of light.

A milo for Annie, also two milos for Knox my nephew.

Also some lovely stationery (I love stationery)
beautifully done by Clare.

I love the details like the wee buttons she uses.

And the softest of soft wool.
Perfect for autumn days.

Also one of Clare's signature dresses, in lovely soft cord.

I stole this picture off Clare's blog.
This is the most beautiful scarf she sent me.
I absolutely love it.

I'm working on a bundle of handcrafted love of my own to send back.
Here's a sneaky peek at the colours.
 I'm about to hand quilt not one but two little quilts for Clare.
I think she is going to love them.


  1. I KNOW i'm going to love them!

    So exciting :) XO

  2. Wow! The colours and the workmanship are amazing! You're both lucky to be getting each others creations.

    Can't believe it was only a week ago that we met Deb. that day is still so surreal to me I can barely believe it all happened. xx

  3. Love all of these creations! xo

  4. What a very special friend you have to send you such beautiful gifts!

  5. Love the swaps of love you do
    Love you and your big kind generous heart

  6. Hello lovely Deb! I am officially a stalker xxx

  7. These swaps are awesome! Such gorgeousness :)


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