Monday, April 1, 2013

An amazing thing happened over Easter....

As you all know I have been putting together a quilt for Cam
not just me, lot of people have been part of this, it really is a quilt made with love!

I really felt that I wanted to take this to Melbourne and deliver it personally,
now normally I don't mind other people delivering quilts, often I give them to someone
to hand on, but this quilt I really wanted to deliver.

David and I talked about it but it really is expensive to travel the Tasman,
and so I didn't know how to make it happen.
I knew I couldn't just wish it to happen, I needed to be a bit proactive.
So I mentioned it on Twitter and then I mentioned it on Facebook.
Although good things sometimes surprise us, sometimes we have to say it out loud
to really make something happen.

Late on Saturday night I got a message from Sophie
saying this might be something the Sisterhood could do.
I went to sleep feeling very excited.

On Sunday Morning, Sophie and I messaged back and forward 
and that afternoon she put the call out.

FOUR HOURS LATER we had enough money for my fare.

Words are not enough to explain how I feel about this.
I feel humbled by the kindness.
It really is quite a different thing to be on the receiving end of other people's generosity.
It's amazing. Thank you so much everybody.

I'm off to Melbourne on Friday night!


  1. Yay Deb! I'm so stoked for you, that's wonderful news! I'm sure Cam will so appreciate the lengths you have gone to... x

  2. Yay Deb! I'm so stoked for you, that's wonderful news! I'm sure Cam will so appreciate the lengths you have gone to... x

  3. Well done to you and the universe!

    Cam is an inspiration to me personally and although she will possibly never meet me or my family, her life has already touched ours. You of course were the bridge between.

    Love to all of you and your big hearts!

  4. This post makes me love people. :-)

  5. amazing and wonderful. no doubt you will be greeted with open arms and warm hearts x

  6. So good! So pleasing to hear and Yeah for the sisterhood! :)

  7. Whoot!!!!!!!!I love that. I hadn't even had a chance to put something in yet (pay week this week). I am SO thrilled it's happened and so quickly too. xxxx

  8. 4 hours - that is simply incredibly
    Awesome result for an awesome lady xxx ladies!! !! !!

  9. So awesome! You rock and cam is amazing!

  10. Flippin fantastic!
    I didn't see the call or I would have been in.
    SOOOO glad for you Deb, and moved by the love and generosity out there

  11. So amazing - you, the Sisterhood and everyone! Can't wait to meet you (and see this amazing quilt!)

  12. Wow! How lovely. Say hello to Melbourne for me - I miss the old girl.

  13. Awesome! I'm so excited for you, what a wonderful gift and a very worthy receiver.

  14. So seriously unbelievable! I can't quite comprehend that so many people have gone to so much effort to make something so beautiful just for me. But then to top it off by donating an airfare to get it here - it's absolutely surreal!

  15. 4 hours! Thats amazing....enjoy handing this beautiful quilt over to Cam in person :)

  16. What a sunshiney quilt! And what fun you'll have dropping it off. I love stories like yours.

  17. Wow, only 4 hours to raise the money! Thank you so much for making this for Cam. So many of us were (and still are) thinking about Cam and her recovery. The quilt is SO gorgeous, and so Cam too. Thank you Deb.

  18. Deb that is so amazing. what a treat that you will be able to gift this HUG in person.


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