Monday, April 8, 2013

Annie is four!!

Our sweet little darling turned four on Sunday.
Annie really is an amazing gift to our family,
she is so interested in life and so part of all we do.

We hung some bunting and had a simple cake and some of Annie's favourite food,
{aka lollies, chips, popcorn and little "red sausages"}
with her little friends they enjoyed the treats and played in the sunshine.

We gave her some dresses I made her and a doll we had made
(I'll show you here another time)
she loves her cards hanging on a string and just being special for the day.

You see a lot of fancy parties on Pinterest and in blogland,
but really Annie was perfectly happy with her simple day
and her friends had a great time. That's the important thing.

Here she is with Archie and Abby playing in the sun.

I'm not sad about her getting older,
honestly she is so cool to have around,
I'm determined to just enjoy her company and wait and see what happens next.


  1. she is lovely - i love how you just enjoy her xx

  2. Happy Birthday Annie, sweet simple parties are always the best.......did you sew her pretty dress?

  3. I thumbed my nose at a Pinterest-perfect party for our biggest little man too - he didn't care or even notice that there was no theme or matching anything!
    I love the cake - simple but striking and so pretty :)

  4. Congrats Deb with your little darling. I think the 'simple' parties are the best. All the rimram with theme and so on is not what they need. A family who loves them and prepare their favorite sweeties is the best they can have!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Annie!
    What a great day she's had though, looks so relaxed and fun!!
    We're just going to go to Australia Zoo for G's birthday this weekend. She wants to do that instead of a party!! (yay!)xx

  6. Happy Birthday Annie - Looks like you had a lovely day:) Lisa x

  7. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl xxx

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. My girl is 4 this year too. Cx

  9. You know - - I pin a lot of "birthday ideas" on Pinterest, but I've yet to actually use any of them. We keep it super simple with birthdays and the kids always have fun. I'm pretty sure a lot of the more 'pinteresty' ideas are for the adults.

  10. Happy birthday, lovely Annie. This sounds like the birthday parties I remember from when I was a child - which I loved. I think simple is better - if you have to stress out about Pinterest-perfect it's not fun anymore!

  11. Happy Birthday Annie - what a wonderful day and family x

  12. That looks like my kind of party! Look at all those beautiful colours! Lucky Annie <3


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