Monday, April 15, 2013

Around the Table - Bloggers Connecting....

We had the best weekend.
60+ bloggers from all around the country.
All kinds of writers on all sorts of topics.

It was amazing. It was fun.
It was LOUD.

It was fantastic to meet bloggers you have idolized for ages
and find they are just as amazing as you hoped!

It was lovely to hear their voices, so when we read their blogs we can hear them say it
(look at these lovelies)

We laughed, we cried, we shared stories,
we encouraged each other.
I think I used up all of my words for April just on Saturday night!

It didn't matter if you had blogged for years
or just a few months, we all had common ground,
and it was fantastic.

Miriam and the team did a fantastic job.
I'm in awe of what they achieved.

I can't wait to do it all again in a year or two!!!


  1. Ha ha you always say things in the best ways - I used up all my words for April in one night...So true. Love that pic of us. You are beautiful xxx

  2. Yes! i squeezed in on a few of your photos! ;)

    It really was great wasn't it. SO WORTH ITx

  3. i love that Paisley Jade is wearing paisley = best :)

    actually, the truth is, i didn't come because i am saving meeting you for a time when i can have you all to myself!! /wink

    (but seriously...)

  4. Love this - perfect words to express a perfect weekend. Adore the photo of you and Miriam x

  5. It was such a nice weekend and it was SO lovely meeting you! This post sums it up perfectly. xo

  6. Hey - I didn't even realise I was wearing Paisley - haha!

    Oh Deb - it was such a fabulous experience and so amazing meeting you all. Loved it and can't wait to do it again!

  7. Loved meeting you Deb. Glad you live in Christchurch!

  8. Any weekend involving the AWESOME Deb Robertson is a wonderful and memorable one in my books! Add to that Miriam, Treena, Stella, Cat, Leonie, Laura, Leonie etc and it becomes beyond awesome! Love you, love bloggers!

  9. Love your pics. Loved Talking to YOU.
    A highlight for me.
    You ROCK.

  10. Twas ace, i'm still tingling!

  11. I am so envious! There are so many amazing bloggers out there that I would love to meet.

  12. It was lovely as can be to meet you and I loved hearing your perspective in the panel!

  13. I'm glad I came, it was great meeting everyone and it took me out of my comfort zone which can be a good thing.

  14. Meeting you in person made my weekend. xx

  15. it was a pleasure to put a face to your blog. You are awesome.

  16. It looks like you has such a great time. I am so annoyed I didn't find out in time to attend. Serves me right for not following many NZ bloggers! Keep me in the loop for any other get togethers!

  17. Oh beautiful Debs!! was so fantastic to meet you xoxoxo


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