Saturday, April 27, 2013

Learning on the job....

Today I sat an exam for Psychology 105. It was good to find that the stuff I had studied
actually had mostly stuck.
There was a bit of eeny meeny, miny moe, but on the whole
I could figure it out.

Learning is like patchwork,
you gather up all the bits and pieces hoping you have the right ones
and then you fit it all together!

I now have three essays to write
but to be honest I'd way rather write an essay than sit an exam!!

It's a balancing act with studying and mothering and keeping the house tidy,
to be honest the keeping the house tidy ball was well and truly dropped this week,
I'm trying to deal to the enormous pile of laundry
and putting away bits and pieces as we go.

My next essay is how the family has changed since the 70s,
and the main way I think its changed is the role of the mother.
As women today, we have so many opportunities,
but also lots of responsibilities.

Somehow we have to keep all those balls in the air!


  1. ... something you know a lot about! x

  2. Oh what a great essay to write, will be very interesting.

    You really are amazing Deb, how you keep all those balls in the air!

  3. I hear you on the ball dropping and also would be interested to read that essay once written :)

  4. You are an amazing lady - and boy, has time changed!!

  5. Good luck with the essay writing! I find it hard enough juggling study and work - I'm not sure if I could manage if I had children to care for as well.

  6. Oh wow I don't know how you fit studying into your brain as a mother! I'm glad I did my teacher training before I had kids.. I now have FULL respect for the women in my course who were parenting at the time... I didn't understand them then, but I sure do now!

    Yes it's changed a lot since the 70s - an interesting essay topic!

  7. Ahh the 70's....
    Womans role changing......don't get me started on the myth we could have it all...and the rise of superwoman.....too late you got me started....:-)

  8. Goodness, I hope there is no page limit!! I could wax poetic a long time. But then the prof. probably wouldn't agree with my view point!

    All things look lovely on your blog. As for the laundry, its the season we are in. I absolve you!!


  9. Good for you!!!

    The chores will wait.

    What are you studying?

    Love Leanne

  10. How life has changed since the 70's, indeed! What an interesting topic!

  11. Yes I think the biggest change has been to the woman's role in the family. That role has only gotten bigger! Damn women's lib!!! Haha. Lovin' the yellow nails by the way.

  12. You really are an amazing inspirational machine! x


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