Monday, April 15, 2013

Making order in the scraps....

Today started like any other but while we were having breakfast
the news came through about the bombing in Boston.

It's really awful and our hearts and thoughts are with the folks there.
I find it really upsetting to see the scenes which remind me so much of our
earthquake experiences, but instead of mother nature,
were inflicted from one man to another.

We know what it's like for the ground to shake terrifyingly and
for everything to change,
we know what it's like for suddenly it not to feel safe where you live your life.

The folks at the finish line will never feel the same when they hear alarms going off
and when helicopters fly overhead,
they will never hear the sounds of screams (even just at a theme park)
without their heart starting to race and the feeling they need to get out.

They have a new mark in their calendar to mark the years,
the before and after.
My prayers are with them.

Today is the turning point between before and after,
one of those days where they woke up and didn't know everything would change.

This afternoon while Annie was resting I got a messy basket of scraps
and cut them into 3" squares,
the simple process of restoring order in a little spot of chaos 
was a soothing activity!

Seeing scraps of fabrics from quilts that I have made
reminds me that the past is also part of our future.

It's not a bad thing, it's just how it is.

I hope the folks in Boston can find a way to work together
and make a new path through their difficult time.


  1. Really like this. Feeling heavy hearted also.

  2. lovely Deb. I particularly like your reference of turning the chaos into something ordered.

  3. Definitely can relate, Debs! I felt the same way watching the news this brought back all the old memories of 2 1/4 years ago.

  4. When I heard yesterday... all i could think was why? why would some individual do this? Thank you for the lovely post and your sweet compassion!

  5. Thank you, Deb. I live in NH, an hour north of Boston. It is comforting to think of people like you so far away thinking of those here.

  6. Beautiful post, Deb. Such a shock in Boston. Breaks my heart. And, Lovely collection of fabrics- I guess scraps that someone else would just discard. They are beautiful. Can't wait to see what they become. Cx

  7. Thought the same thing yesterday...especially after seeing christchurch and all that mother nature unleashed sad that an individual/s could scheme up this.


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