Tuesday, April 30, 2013

points to the greatest giveaway ever - - - - -

There were a few people that I was very excited to meet 
at the bloggy conference, and top of the list was Stella.
Honestly I've been in awe of her and what she does since I first stumbled on her blog
and it was so lovely to meet her.

We didn't get to have as much time to really chat as we wanted,
but I did manage to send home something so she won't forget me!! 

Here's she is, such a cutie....
talented, funny, and generally cool to be around.
Her blog is also a very cool spot and today
she launched what might be the coolest giveaway ever.

But don't stay here a minute longer....

Run straight over to Stella and enter to win all of these goodies!!!!!


  1. Love you Deb! WISH we could hang out some more (but we will when you come and visit x)

  2. Such a great giveaway and blog! I have my fingers firmly crossed for this one!

  3. Isn't the giveaway AMAZING! Stella's pretty darn amazing too!


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