Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Six easy ways to keep your home cheerful...

It's been one of those weeks hasn't it.
There seems to have been more misery and mayhem around than anyone can bear.

Sometimes we need find our footing in all the stuff that happens. 
Here's how I'm doing it at our place....

1. At the end of the day, light some candles
have a bit of an extra tidy up and make sure there is something nice for dinner.

2. Make sure you celebrate and notice the good things.
Today Annie became an Otter at swimming - Go Annie!

3. Make sure your home is not cluttered with unnecessary stuff.
Today I sorted boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff to give away and donate.
It's such a good feeling to get rid of stuff that is holding you down
and bless someone else with it in the mean time.

4. Rearrange things a little, swap things around
maybe pick a few leaves or flowers if you have them to put in a vase.

5. Make sure the sofa is clear and you have a comfy space to sit at the end of the day
to spend some time hanging out with your family.

6. Help someone else out or work on a project with a friend.
It might be the last thing you feel like doing but actually it really does help.

Simple little things to do, but they do help.
I hope they help you too.


  1. love this Deb :)
    I'm going to spend this weekend doing some serious de-cluttering! XO

  2. Yes, the decluttering one struck a chord with me too. Always more decluttering to do... Lovely tips Deb xx

  3. I agree with all of it :-) working on just that at the moment :-)

  4. This really resonates with me Deb. Some de-cluttering, simplifying and bringing nature inside really does make me feel better too... Well done Annie on becoming an Otter! Lisa x

  5. This really resonates with me Deb. Some de-cluttering, simplifying and bringing nature inside really does make me feel better too... Well done Annie on becoming an Otter! Lisa x

  6. Yes, it has been one of those weeks, hasn't it?! Something to do with the come-down from such a lovely weekend, I think. (With a little husband-with-a-head-injury thrown in for good measure in my household.) Great tips Deb. I'm off to have a spruce up now. And I have just the plant in mind to bring inside - it needs pruning and I need some greenery inside. Win-win.

  7. I need to de-clutter. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Yup - all fantastic suggestions. I love playing the "What was your favourite part of today" game with my family too xoxo

  9. I LOVE this post. Yay Deb.
    You're so flippin AWESOME.
    I'm so glad I got to really "connect" with you last weekend!

  10. Decluttering is awesome, having the right mindset to rid yourself of stuff is really freeing!!
    Now does that work with patchwork projects in your head?

  11. Way to go, Annie!

    I have 4 large boxes that are going to charity. It is so nice to do get rid of stuff.

  12. I've been going through a rocky patch of life lately, and that sounds very similar to what I've been doing to keep myself sane - make the house a warm and welcoming place to be, surround myself with beauty, appreciate the little things, and spend time with people I care about.

  13. Yes I'm with you. we've been bringing out the candles and a bit of sorting and rearranging and downsizing does wonders x

  14. Such a lovely post!! You are so good at showing all the beautiful imperfection of life. You are one of the few bloggers who could show up at my door without me cringing at the messiness of life...that you would see the beauty of raising a family all around you.

    I feel like I could come flop out on your couch and feel right at home. You are so special because you make us all feel welcome to your cozy home.

    Just felt that God wanted me to leave some word of encouragement for you. You are a lovely, warm lady.


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