Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Starting a project for the winter....

I absolutely love Sarah Fielke's new book, Hand Quilted with Love
which arrived in my hot little hands last week.
It's got immediate appeal (I warmed more slowly to the last book)
and there's loads of projects I want to make in it.

I'm busy at the moment doing three quilts for which I'm making to swap
for good with two talented people (more about that another time)
and I need to make one for the school auction
and one my sister has commissioned and one another friend....
you know how it is, you end up with a list of must-do projects.

But when I saw the project "bangles" I decided i wanted to make it
with some fabrics I've slowly been collecting up over time.
I also decided it to make it differently to how Sarah did
because I wanted to make it in blocks and I wanted to hand piece it.
I thought it would be lovely to do over the winter.

I had some templates made not realising that Sarah sells them for a fraction of the cost,
so if you want to make this quilt too, pop over to her website and buy them,
they are very good value, ahem.

Here's a picture of the quilt from the book,
I'm going to use a bundle of low volume scraps I brought from Pink Castle Fabrics
for the large hexagon centres.

I'm not a natural fabric hoarder, so I'm thrilled to have enough to finally start
cutting into my precious fabrics. I've added all sorts to my bundle
because I hate just using one line and I think it's going to be lovely.

I couldn't resist just quickly sewing one together this afternoon.
How cute is this?? can't wait to have a pile of them to play with.
Prepare to see this project on the blog a lot over the next few months,
I hope you don't mind!


  1. I completely agree with Mrs A. Where you get the time with study etc I just do not know

  2. I can't wait to see it progress! It's going to look stunning.

  3. I really admire yours and quilters ability in general to spend a whole season or a long time on one big project. I always feel so impatient to GET THINGS DONE. Now i have limited time on my hands and a big long rug project im having to reframe my expectations, and already i feel i'm enjoying the experience more.
    Always love your colourful photos, and that quilt looks absolutely beautiful, cant wait to see it done (no, no i can wait, ha!) x

  4. I have some templates which I do believe belong to you - ready to bring down next week
    Can't wait to see your project/s and of course to get a Deb hug
    mmmmmmmmm love my Deb hugs

  5. Ahh this looks rather relaxing..can we have your sun now please?

  6. I'm so impressed with all that you get accomplished! I love these fabrics--I am going to enjoy watching it all come together. I love the idea of having a project for the winter... I must keep that in mind!

  7. Looks good!
    I think that book will have to make it's way to my shelf too, looking on Sarahs website there seem to be quite a few quilts I would enjoy.

  8. Oh it looks lovely.... and complicated! What a great project!

  9. looks lovely Deb, like the style & fabrics. One day I want to sit next to you and make a quilt of my own.

  10. Just bought the new book by Sarah Fielke and love it too, just found your blog when opening my latest copy of New Zealand Quilter. Now in Auckland but have lived in Christchurch.


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