Saturday, April 27, 2013

This is the second quilt I ever made....

I made it in my early twenties before I got married.
It's beautifully stitched (even through I say it myself)
my mum taught me well!

Yesterday I was thinking about a dear friend
and suddenly I realised that I had made a quilt for her years ago.
It's the second quilt I ever made and it never seemed to have a home to go to.
But now it just needs a make-over to get it ready for its new home.

It has horrible batting and a ruffled edge which is pretty dated.
I took it apart this afternoon and I'm going to put a new backing and batting,
hand quilt it gently and then use the ruffle to bind it.

As I took it apart this afternoon, I thought about my 23 year old self.
My world was so small then, I would have never been able to imagine
how much bigger my world would get one day.

Look at this ruffle that I hand sewed on! 
I had a lot of time then. I can't wait to fix up this project
and send it on it's way to a new home.


  1. I think that is so beautiful Deb, you are so filled with love. This morning my youngest found a soft toy she was given as a baby and when you press it's tummy it says that same verse. Snap!

  2. You are so generous Deb, and truly blessed to have such an amazing talent...inspiring.

  3. Great way to update!
    The time we had before marriage and children, I did a lot of knitting then.

  4. I remember you making that Deb, as we sat in the sun in our lunch hour @ work, while I cross-stitched my 'Amish Wedding' piece, circa 1992!!! It now hangs in my hall and I often thing of how small my world was then too, and large and wondeous it is now. xx

  5. That quilt. These comments. Beautiful.

  6. xxx love your heart xxx a smaller world and probably lived with way more intensity and effort - now the things you deal with are so much bigger and you can carry them and let them go with much more freedom and peace I suspect.... x

  7. What a treasure! I can't wait to see the rejuvenated version of this quilt. It so cool that you're updated it but it will still have the original thought and love in it!

  8. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Cx

  9. It is just gorgeous - cant wait to see what you do with it! Life is a funny thing - although I'm not fussed on getting older, I really look forward to hopefully finding more peace within myself with age and wisdom. I echo Miriam's sentiments and admire the calm and peace you exude x

  10. It is amazing how we think we know it all at 23 and actually have no idea. I think of all I should have achieved back then if I used and appreciated my time as well as I do now. Love the quilt. x

  11. Oh Deb, how sweet of you! age 23... hmm I was just starting life on my own, so ready to no longer be living at home and be the master of my own making! How little I knew... Your work back then is as beautiful as it is now! :)


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