Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Simple ways to Live in the Moment....

Yesterday I wrote about being in the moment,
I know it's something that we all struggle with, yet it is actually not hard.
Here's some ways that we do it...

1. Eat meals together. This is the most important thing we do I think.
just to stop for a bit and hang out and share a meal
and let the rest of the world stop outside the door for a moment or two.

2. Be grateful for the good things. Simone has started a project,
you can join in, being grateful is hugely important in living intentionally.

3. Get some exercise. Taking time out from the crazies and walking the dog,
or going to the dairy to collect a newspaper.

4. Turn off the bad news and listen to some music, or a podcast
or a book. Too much negativity just drags you down.

5. Light candles. There is something about the soft light of a candle
that makes you feel less stressed and to slow down.

6. Write a list and focus on the important stuff. Multi-tasking is the root of evil.
Actually doing one thing at a time is better for your mental health.

7. Be creative every day... arrange your dinner nicely on a plate,
put flowers on the table, knit a few stitches. Make it a priority.

8. Make time for play. It's true all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

9. Do something for someone else. Even if it's just holding the door for them to pass through.

10. When you are with a friend, really listen to them,
you don't have to provide a solution, just listen.

I think that living intentionally is about noticing the moments as they pass
and making sure they are worth living.

What do you do??


  1. I agree with all you're saying. For me, it's not till you've had the older kids that you realise how fleeting time is with babies.. I was just thinking about that the other day..
    And so I like to spend time just watching my littlest. Literally watching. Quietly. It is quite intriguing watching how they process and problem solve. it's actually quite mind-blowing, centre-ing and defo relaxing.

    Just SIT and watch! (clean up the mess he ends up making later!)

  2. Definitely agree with #4. When tv went digital here last month, we didn't even bother getting a box. If we want to watch a show, we plug a laptop through the tv and watch it on demand. Like mysky but for free! Nobody misses the nightly bad news.

  3. Listening is a lost art and one that really is so important. I am a fixer but so often people don't want or need you to fix things they just need a GOOD LISTENER.

  4. Agreed - listening is a biggy. Hope you've enjoyed your moments today x

  5. Lovely lovely post. Love all the points.
    I'm off to get some candles!

  6. i love this post, deb! so good. i've been trying to do several of these things intentionally day to day, too. thank you so much for the reminders. and the photos are so pretty, too! :)

  7. loads of great advice here Deb.
    i'm glad we are lucky enough to be able to sit down at dinner time together...its definitely a number one priority for us...although years of TV lap dinner habits was hard to break.

  8. Wonderful list. I need reminding some times, to live more in the moment. I needed it this week. Thank you.


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