Saturday, May 11, 2013

A couple of sweet pillowcases....

It's is my mum's birthday today on Mother's day,
a double celebration and I wanted to make something nice for mum.
I was pondering what to do with what I had here
and a memory popped into my head of pillows on my parent's bed when I was a child.
I remember them having his and hers pillowcases and I loved them,
it made me feel safe somehow.

I had a couple of really lovely pillowcases and I got some very soft visafix
and I enlarged some words on the computer very big and traced them on.

I used a lovely natural coloured linen fabric for the words,
I didn't want it to be to garish. The pillow slips are actually softer in colour than this.

Then I blanket stitched around all the letters.
I won't lie, it took me five hours, even though it's just a few letters
but I'm stoked how they turned out.

My mum liked them too which is the plan of course!

I think I might have to make some for us.
Actually I was thinking it would look quite sweet with a little cushion
with an ampersand on between the two pillows.
Mr & Mrs

These would make a lovely present for an engagement party
or a wedding present I think.


  1. I LOVE THESE! Am totally adding them to my 'to make' list!

  2. oops that comment above was me!

  3. Ah what a lovely gift idea. I have never thought to do anything like this but it is so clever and heartfelt.

  4. Beautiful Deb - and the & pillow is a great idea!!x

  5. Oh I am so with the idea of His and Hers.

  6. Lovely, and love the idea of Mr & Mrs pillows :)

  7. lovely!! I love the Mr & Mrs idea as well

  8. Such a lovely idea and a perfect gift.

  9. You are on a winner there!
    Great colour matching, as you said don't want to be garish or anything!
    Really quite classy actually. And I agree the mr & mrs could be cute as well.

  10. yup I like them I was just thinking about something like this today x

  11. Lovely, and you are right about the soft vliesofix, all I've been using is super strong and its far too stiff :-( Bet she loved them xx

  12. They are awesome - am definitely doing something like this for us one day x


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