Sunday, May 5, 2013

Having a bit of a tidy up...

Every body probably has a project or two marinating for one reason or another,
maybe the pattern was too complicated, too time consuming
or you just not feeling the love.

Last week I took a peek in a couple of baskets sitting about in my living room
(I fondly imagine if it's in a basket it's tidy, ahem)
and decided the two projects therein had run their course.
A little bit of finishing and they could be done.
One a mini quilt perhaps and one a cushion.

After the recently successfully completed St Louis 16 Patch quilt,
I decided there was enough bits and pieces left from the projects
and that the colours would go together enough to turn the left-overs into 
another St Louis 16 Patch quilt.

It's legitimate tidying right??
So this week in my snatches of time, I plan to sew these easy peasy blocks
and see what they turn into.

It's pouring wet wintry weather here
and I have an essay due at the end of the week.

We will see how everything comes together.


  1. Totally legit. I plan to do lots of project finishing this winter

  2. Legitimate tidying! Yes I love it. That explains why I am finishing off a quilt top that is not going to be shown in the exhibition. I still have 2 quilts in pieces, and one in my head and the entries are due in a month! (Quilts aren't due till end July though phew)

  3. Finishing off projects are so satisfying - looking forward to seeing your awesome creations x

  4. I like the way you think! Definitely tidying!!!

  5. As everyone else said...legitimate! and I love the use of baskets....I only have one, all the others are stashed in bags in thrown into a heap in the closet.....not nearly pretty looking!

  6. You are so clever Deb! I am inspired to do a quilting class after seeing your beauties mother wants to do it with me, YIPPEE! Love seeing what you make x


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